RSS feeds - and YES again . . . and a Priscilla vid!

by tosca on Friday, July 4, 2008

ARGH - ok, sharing the dratted public bloglines URL was NOT as easy as I was hoping it would be. And I didn't find the vids helpful at all. Thought it was just me but was helping someone else at work and, you know that saying, 'The blind leading the bland'? Ok, it's not QUITE like that - but it was damn close enough. Good news is that colleague and I have successfully completed that task.

Then had a look at the next task, library related blogs and/or news feeds, and decided I was having more fun looking for 'other' stuff (obscure, generic 'other' really used to mean 'crap' and 'rubbish'). Had a tutu (and yes, I'm pretty gosh darn sure that's a technical term) with the suggested search tools listed and decided I liked the ease of better and YES I have figured out how to do the link-thingee (also a technical term) so you can click and have a nohi (technical term from the glossary of 'catatonia'). I found the to be horribly confusing (state of mind, probably) and Technorati was ICK.

As an aside, have figured out how to embed videos. I nicked it from youtube and it's the trailer for Priscilla (the musical) which a group of us from work went to see. It was BEYOND spectacular. It was downright HI-FALUTIN'-GOSH-TACULAR :)

Although, I do have to make the comment that even though I've embedded the vid successfully it may not show on our work pcs. Or on your pcs if yours are anything like ours. 'Cause they suck majorly! I rang my sister at home and bullied her into checking on my home pc - yes, the one that was easier to build than make my bloglines URL public - and it came up hunky dory there. And YES I'm rolling my eyes AGAIN.

So watch and enjoy - if you can - and come see my flashing cocktail glass! Catch all y'all on the flipside :0)


Heya, looks like the vid will work on at least some of the Learn.nets - Clint reckons not Manurewa, Bridge or Papatoetoe, but most likely the others. I can see it from CS though the buffering is a pain and a half... curious now, what in particular did you find ick about Technorati? Show does look great btw, if jerky... no wait that's the buffering

by Danielle on July 4, 2008 at 1:32 PM. #

buffering schmuffering! I know exactly what you mean - when I miss the wrestling and have to watch it on youtube so much of my life gets lost to buffering. . . Drama queen much, Tosca?! Yeah, Manurewa sucks for youtube vids - soon to change though, I hear. I didn't like the 'look' of Technorati. I'm very shallow and it's all about looks - which is stupid to type considering Syndic8 is even functional-uglier but I found it easier to use. Technorati looks too much like the NZHerald website. I don't want my news to LOOK like news. I want it cleverly disguised as 'trash'!

by catatonia on July 4, 2008 at 1:56 PM. #

Woohoo. Just love your blogg. Love it so much that I 'borrowed' you vid. Same habits as bebo, hehe. I went to see Pricilla too and it was sooo amazing. I've yet to do the RSS feed thingee, but I'm sure a tutu here and there and I hope to get it.

Keep up the wonderful blog.

by Hikurangi on July 5, 2008 at 9:33 PM. #

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