Photos & images - and a Yeah Right cake!

by tosca on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Part of the instructions for the activity I chose was to register with Flickr - which entailed signing up for a Yahoo ID - ne'mind Yahoo - I've got accounts comin' out the wazoo! Yahoo here, and a Gmail here - here a Bloglines, there a Flickr, everywhere an RSS Feed. SING IT WITH ME - Old McDonald had a blog!

Anyway, I got me a Yahoo ID and signed up with Flickr and added umm crap basically. Whole buncha funny signs - hilarious to me, remember I got a juvenile sense of humour. But dead boring to anyone else - much like other people's holiday photos or, god forbid, their wedding photos *snores*

Outta all the funny images I got the funniest, in my humble *guffaws* opinion is my cousin Mario's birthday cake. Check it out. What a hoot!

Yeah right, originally uploaded by catatotonichataholic.

Thought I might also, tomorrow that is, take a pic of something or other in the library (am assuming we can't post a 'Library's Most Wanted Naughty Kids' photo) and shove that in here, too with a blog about the experience.

Just further on the Image Generator activity - Webmum and I were clowning around with image generators listed on The Generator Blog and decided to Moochify Keanu Reeves (we saved a pic of him to the desktop and labelled it 'YUM' - hey, it's Keanu, what else are we meant to call him? YUCK?). This involved sticking his head on a pre-pubescent male body dressed in basketball sweats standing in the middle of an extremely messy room. Webmum played around with it a bit and it actually looked quite good. Then she decided to give him a facelift with Lift Magic which is a terribly awkward site, by the way! We shoved poor old YUM's photo through the generator only to find that . . . perfection cannot be worked upon. We couldn't improve Keanu! Gutted! Then we discussed whether or not we'd be able to google pics of Pam Anderson's boobs to run them through Lift Magic and see what they looked like normal. . .you know, like everyone else not made of PLASTIC. Only we didn't go that far because IMAGINE trying to explain THAT to council IT! So not happening. Hopefully Webmum will post the pics - and not the ones of Pam Anderson. Sweeeeeet! We out ;)

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