Play week - playing with (image) generators

by tosca on Sunday, July 6, 2008

,This is a loooong one, folks. We were meant to play with image generators this week and, admittedly I did play with two - but I had heapsa fun with EVERYTHING else. HA :) Check 'em out below!

I started with the suggestions in The Generator Blog and started with Magnigraph. The site invites users to create their own magnigraph of a signature, a sketch or even a photograph (either one of your own or you can point to an online image). Decided to take my profile pic and see what happened - not like it could get any worse, right? Right! The result looked like a cross between something by Andy Warhol and a three-year-old kid gone amok with a wood block print - although I could see myself wearing this on a t-shirt. Decided to combine the choices of colours into one pic and Jackson-Pollock it up a bit (always did like his 'Summertime') and voila! The Jackson Pollock bit was not done through the site but on my own pc via the Paint programme.

I then moved on to Old-Style Photo, which is the 'Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator'. Much like Magnigraph you can choose to either use your own image or an online one. It's meant to give your photos that 100-150 yrs old look. The problem here is to know when to STOP! I took a pic my nephew snapped of me (check out the 1970s hair geez), and an old intermediate photo (back when we used to say 'Form 1' and 'Form 2'). I shoved 'em through the generator and got the following results - voila:

I then moved on to one my nephew took of me clowning around (once again with the 1970s hair) and one of Batista (fav wrestler), one of my sister, one of my get the idea! Like I said, knowing when to stop is the hardest part. As I type this one of my many nephews is trying to push me off the pc to have a bash at it himself. Scary!

OMG look at my hair!

Finally, I moved on to the 'What's your problem?' generator. Nothing spectacular here BUT I have a juvenile sense of humour and all I have to do is enter my name and gender. So I did! Apparently, I'm a day-dreaming airhead with a mean streak a mile wide! If I didn't know better I'd think they really knew me ;)

There are heaps of other generators here to play with and yes, I did check most of 'em out. And don't tell anybody but I actually had fun :0) What next!?!

Well, I know what next, 'cause I played some more. D'OH! Got curious and wanted to know how to add feeds on my blog. . .which led to my wanting to know how to add a blog list of colleague blogs. . .and seeing as how this exercise is 'Play' that's exactly what I did. I played - and played - and PLAYED to my heart's content. Have added a 'Smart bitches, Trashy books' feeds - no idea if the site is something I'd ordinarily read but, like the old saying goes, 'You had me at hello' and they had me at the title! Also added a wrestling feed ('cause I went to see Raw vs. Smackdown when it came and aww I saw the Undertaker and Batista and they were better than I thought they'd be - even Edge the dog). All those 1980s days of watching the wrestling (bring back Bret!) culminated in front section seats at the wrestling *sigh*. Then added a blog list of - D'OH - colleague blogs (that is, those I can recognise). *Points left* Enjoy! :0) Just a note about the Bret Hart pic I've got here, he was my fav wrestler back in the day (oh my lost youth!). It's been 10 years since he got ripped off of his title in WWE and I still hold a grudge against Shawn Michaels LOL Aww good times!

Am going to see 'Mamma mia' this Thursday - have got a couple of leave days this week and that's what I'm going to do with one of 'em. Have also noticed that The Full Monty is playing at the Playhouse Theatre Was playin' around and found the trailer to Mamma Mia:

What a hoot! Didn't see the musical (although a few colleagues crossed the ditch to view it) so am eagerly awaiting the release of the film ;) Just a friendly reminder, staff at MP, MB and MM probably won't be able to view the vids on my blog either on their works pcs or the ones. Sucks badly!


Passed your comments on about the's not being able to play any videos. Hopefully we can get something sorted for this in the near(ish) future.

by Kelly on July 6, 2008 at 10:27 PM. #

I want an image generator that adds a trillion dollars to my bank account - bar Playboy, I'm saying it'll be a cold day in Hell. So wanted to view vid of 'Priscilla' damn these work proxies :D
Lovin' the pics! Have you seen 'Superbad'?

by UgahBugah on July 7, 2008 at 4:19 PM. #

Great blogs so far didn't know you were the artistic type surprise surprise surprise. Great pics and look forward to your next blog. Looking at your blog makes image generators seem fun we'll see.

by newweb2 on July 7, 2008 at 9:36 PM. #

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