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by tosca on Monday, July 7, 2008

Greetings & salutations! So, the next exercise in this tutorial is to look at LibraryThing which I did! And err it's not the most attractive site - perhaps that's not a burning issue, huh. Maybe they're not shallow as I am :)

We're meant to add something like 5 books but once I started I couldn't stop (funny how that's my recurring whine) so I've ended up with some 21 books in total. Eek!

The site is very easy to use and allows me to add tags - although I have nothing to add, really. I figure if someone's said it before me why re-invent the wheel? You can view My Library or not, it's all up to you. No pressure! Although somebody better be bloody well looking at this thing if I have to take the time to put it together. Kidding! Slightly ;)

Then I decided to be a total dork and added the same profile pic I use for here :) If you use Bebo, and I do, they've got an application like it on there, too, you can add books and give a mini book review. Not sure if you can browse other people with the same interests as you (think I deleted it from my Apps page so can't check it) but it's more or less the same.

Along the left *points left* and down *points down* have added a list of 'Sites of interest' for e-book sites that I use/have used. If you're into e-books try them out - will add more as I use more ;)

Oh, and I've uploaded a pic of Batista - just because I can!

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I dunno about that bautista guy... what's up with the veins???

Anyway, in the Librarything vein... I like Shelfari better, it's prettier. When you add a shelfari widget to your blog you get all the pretty covers and stuff.

by Kelly on July 8, 2008 at 3:03 PM. #

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