Playing around with PBWiki : Take two

by tosca on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hola! Our lovely Kelly has fixed it so I can now forge ahead with this exercise. Sooo, I headed off to have a squiz at the Manukau Libraries Wiki, and followed the easy-peasy instructions and added my favourite whatevers! Easy as that!! Thank goodness, anything hard to comprehend in this shift and I would've been tearing my hair out ;)

It really is as simple as logging in, clicking on whichever title you want to add a favourite something-or-other to, and then going to Edit and adding your 10 cents worth (the instructions are easy to follow).

You can now view my: Favourite Number/s, blog URL, Favourite Books, Favourite Movies, Favourite Music, Favourite TV Shows, Favourite Holiday Destinations and Favourite Recipes. I have not added anything to the Fav Websites or I Don't Have Favourites list because umm just because! Those above are HEAPS enough!

The idea of wiki might be foreign to a few staff scattered across Manukau Libraries (such as myself) but the logistics of it are easy and amazingly non-technical. I mean, there's the usual logging in but we log in for everything else in christendom so that's not out of the ordinary. And PBWiki is exactly the same as using Microsoft Word and I absolutely know we've all used that. If you can manipulate Word you can rule the world! Or at least a small portion of it via PBWiki. So, peace, love and mungbeans, baby :)

Book Rave! Well hey, we work in libraries, I think this is a good opportunity to promote a very good book I read recently. It is Michael Eric Dyson's 'Come hell or high water : Hurricane Katrina and the color of disaster'. Basically, this book is an assessment of the key players/factors surrounding how Hurricane Katrina was handled. Yes, we've heard it all/read it all before from various sources, but Dyson does what a lot of others hadn't done to date: he provides an historical context. After having read the book my first thought was, 'Oh hell, yet another book that makes me feel so angry and voiceless about racial inequality.' 'Cause it does, and it probably always will do. My second thought was, 'Well, what are you going to do about it?' And then Merrin handed me a volunteer services pamphlet - and it's certainly an idea. Although I was kinda thinking along the lines of something local, first!

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