Playing around with PBWiki

by tosca on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ARGH! Umm ok PBWiki is quick, functional and easy to use. Good points! Those are definitely good points.

Left my blog URL here and I must admit, it was much more satisfying than seeing one's name on a public toilet wall next to: 'For a good time . . .' Not that I know what this is like. Nor do I hope to!

Having said/typed all of that above, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to add my favourite whatevers to the favourites section of our Manukau Libraries' Wiki. In fact, I clicked on the bottom 'Favorite Blogs' link and was able to post my blog URL there. . .and then I thought, this isn't Manukau Libraries so where the hell on god's green earth AM I?! I still don't know LOL So I flicked an email to to ask them because sheesh I'm clueless. And I don't mind admitting it, either, although I am slightly pissed off that it got the better of me. Had a hard time getting anywhere, I kept going around and around and around . . . was getting motion sickness. So that's my experience of posting to a wiki - half-assed and probably all my fault LOL Oohh joy :)

Until I hear from our web tutorial masters as to what my problem is (how combative that sounds) i.e. what I'm doing wrong to stuff it up, I'm all outta love. And that's a big ten-four, good buddy :)

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Well... it turns out not your fault at all... some idiot (who shall remain nameless cos otherwise I'm just embarrassing myself!), anyway... some idiot forgot to change a link correctly.

So erm... try again! Hopefully it will all work now.

by Kelly on July 17, 2008 at 11:55 AM. #

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