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by tosca on Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pimp my phone! - Err ok - I like that I can watch tv episodes on my blackberry AND on my pc. Have got a pic of my kinda blackberry *points right* and it's a Pearl. Is kinda funky - well no, it's not. When you get it it's got next to NO applications. So the first thing I did was pimp it out. No, I lie! The first thing I did was buy a 2gb media card and THEN I pimped it out.

It's now rockin' an iPhone theme - YES I am delusional in trying to convince the blackberry it's a wannabe iPhone, but I like it lookin' like that *points left* over there. It's not as good as the real thing but hey, I lurve the blackberry and ain't givin' it up. Yet. Downloaded a heap of themes and then had to install them using blackberry desktop software's application loader. Bit of a longwinded process. Hmm. . . be nice to be able to skip a step or two and just chuck 'em on and they're ready to go. I wish! It's now flashied up with some extra games and roughly 200 ringtones. I know I can't use 'em all but I can fit 'em all - and that's what counts LOL Kidding! Slightly.

Videos4Blackberry - Decided to play around looking for tv episodes to watch and came across Videos4Blackberry. It's not too bad a site. You look up series episodes, download 'em and then watch 'em. The only shit kicker here is you still have to transfer it to the phone. There is no way to download it directly from the site onto the phone. Yet. I amused myself silly watching past episodes of Hell's Kitchen (Season 4) and laughing uproariously over the chefs' antics. Yes, I am that easily amused! And doesn't Gordon Ramsay know a lot of inventive ways of using the 'F' word? I was impressed AND horrified at one and the same time.

Surf The Channel - I sometimes watch tv series via the pc and at the moment am using Surf The Channel but err they have subtitles. And not English ones. Slightly distracting but still good to watch if you're impatient. And I am! Only crap thing is they separate episodes into 2 parts - probably because of the file size. Ack. Oh, and it uses 3rd party sites. Geez.

In the past have used Veoh and watched NCIS season 5 and Life On Mars there, but a lot of the channels there are not available outside the US. If I'm really desperate to watch the wrestling 'cause I've missed it I'll use YouTube. BUFFERING is a dirty word! It's a shame I can't use Amazon Unbox but you have to be a resident of the US to download tv episodes and *cue tear* I'd luuurrrve to do it that way *sigh* I'm always looking for more sites - I figure there's no ONE site for it all. At least, not yet . . .So if you know otherwise let me know.

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