"Music was my refuge...

by tosca on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."
~ Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

What fucking genius came up with this combination of musicians? Because I'd like to meet him. I surely would. Shake his hand. Maybe buy him a drink. Or her. Or they. Whatever. Whoever it was. I can see it now, they're sitting around one day contemplating string theory and the meaning of life and then, suddenly, they go, 'Holy shit! What would happen if we chucked Chris Thile, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan IN THE SAME ROOM?' Et voila, THIS is what happens. Magic times a zillion. Here's a combination of musicians I'd pay blood to see. (I say that not believing in vampires. If such a thing exists, however, I'd like to take that statement back, please and thank you). Also, NPR Music's YouTube channel? *swoons* FULL OF WIN. They've introduced me to so many new artists I'd never have heard about otherwise. And so! The clip.

That is all.

A little post that isn't much of a post about anything in particular

by tosca on Thursday, March 15, 2012

I only ever wanted to be three things in life: a singer, a teacher and a librarian. That's it. I did sing for a few years and it was fun. And then I didn't sing anymore. When I left tertiary I took a job at a local primary school as a Maori teacher aide. Enjoyed it so much I became an LAT (where you have a limited authority to teach), briefly considered applying to the (then) Auckland College of Education and realised something quite crucial that held everything up: I didn't actually like children. Not enough to be amongst them all day, every day. Weirdly, instead of going to ACE to obtain a teaching degree, I ended up working there in the library instead at the same time as my BFF was there studying. Timing is everything.

People always ask me, "Why libraries?" and I tell them the truth (which always seems to disappoint them): "I'm in libraries for the books." I am, first and foremost (and forever) a reader who seems to have a knack for recommending books. I have worked in a school library, a tertiary library, and public libraries so I know that libraries offer more than books. They have homework centres, job clubs, book clubs, school holiday programmes, author talks, orientation sessions, database tutorials, study rooms, computers...they're busy, busy places. They are, after all, community spaces. These days more so than ever before, I think. And I love seeing that. But I never forget that I am always about the books - reading them, talking about them with others, promoting them, having quite firm opinions about book/reading related issues, and, although it sounds stupid, having what feels like an actual relationship with the book and its characters. I suspect that makes me strange. I suspect I don't care overly much about said strangeness. I also suspect I'll go on being about the book and nothing but the book for always.

Some people eat breakfast...I catch up on RSS feeds

by tosca on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I spend the first part of my day catching up on RSS feeds for *screws up face and counts* some 260+ blogs/websites covering all sorts of things. Seriously, all sorts of things. What I leave till last, though, are the video clips! I'm not a morning person, so the idea of breakfast o'clock fills me with horror on any given day. If I must eat first thing in the morning, gimme coke and M&Ms. So, where some people eat breakfast...I catch up on RSS feeds. But it's the videos I love the most. And this morning? These ones in particular.

SillySparrowness builds a TARDIS

ADORE her reason for doing so TIMES A THOUSAND. (Yes. Caps were necessary).

Wrecking Crew Orchestra

Thank you, Topless Robot :)

Kristin Bell's emotional meltdown over meeting a sloth

Baby sloths are adorable! Grown-up sloths...mmm not so much. Really. And if you don't believe me, then check out this photo. That scares me a whole lot. Bell's meltdown? Aww! (And yes, this has been around for a little while now, and I've been meaning to see it but only did this morning and, even then, only because a J2 fanfic writer I follow had posted/mentioned it at some time or another recently).

A thing that'd make me cry were it a Lifetime Channel movie where some person died of some awful disease but, instead, it makes my heart heavy

by tosca on Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The title of this post is, appropriately (??), 'A thing that'd make me cry were it a Lifetime Channel movie where some person died of some awful disease but, instead, it makes my heart heavy.' It is true. Every word. If somewhat longwinded. (As usual). My lifelong geek dream is to attend a San Diego Comic-Con. I'd love to be able to experience the spectacle of it. That, combined with being able to see the Supernatural cast (because you can bet I would) is enough to make it high up on my OHMYGOD I'd Die If I Never Got To Do This list. I've often heard it referred to as the 'Nerdy Olympics' and, considering my clumsiness and awkwardness when it comes to actual sport, I'm ok with that. I suspect that my being able to attend is going to remain nought but a constant on my wishlist for a very long time to come. As Mary Sue (the website) wrote, "Nerd Girl Problem #17: Your main goal in life is to get to Comic-Con." It's true. That is my biggest nerd girl problem. It's just not about to happen any time soon. Tickets sell out way too fast. (To be specific, they sold out in the time it takes for an episode of Doctor Who to screen). I tossed around ways in which I might actually get to Comic-Con and, really, all I could think of was that I would have to write some fantastical screenplay/book/series that would knock the socks off of somebody somewhere and get me featured as a guest. Yeah, nah. Ain't gonna happen.

So, I have a couple of choices: I can sit and cry about it, or I can get over it and find something else to fixate on. (At least until 2013, anyway). I'll be honest, I briefly mourned the fact that I wouldn't attend Comic-Con this year and then, just the other night, I decided that I would attend a Supernatural Convention in Toronto, Canada later this year. If my main reason for attending is to see and hear the cast of Supernatural, then that's what I'll do. I've never been to Canada. I've always wanted to ever since I saw Due South as a teen. I want a picture of a Mountie IN hat WITH a horse. Probably near impossible to see but that's what I want. Well, that and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Failing bringing them home in my luggage, I'll settle for a pic of a Mountie please and thank you. Roll on October!

Image from Chron.com

Things wot I liked on YouTube

by tosca on Monday, March 12, 2012

"And was this therapy successful in that you were able to suppress your homosexuality?"
"Nope, I was just as gay as when I started."

~ 8, a play about California Proposition 8

A twitter friend flicked me a link to a YouTube clip of the star-studded Prop 8 (as in California Proposition 8, more commonly known as California's gay marriage ban) play which, until that point, I'd only read about. The play is based, pretty much, around the trial's closing arguments. I watched it. I liked it. I don't know how long the link will be up, so I'll enjoy it while it is.

Thanks, Kylie, for the link :)

P.S. Have changed the blog. I'm feeling minimalist at the moment, and this may be the closest I get to it. No doubt a few months down the track I'll change it again. Meh.

THIS! More reasons I heart Benedict Cumberbatch

by tosca on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I adore Benedict Cumberbatch! I love Sherlock fullstop, and Benedict as Sherlock? *swoons* This clip is an interview (and I use that term very loosely) he had with Alan Carr :) Cheers Natalie for the link.

Also, I don't call myself a #cumberbitch :P