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by tosca on Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ARGH! Thank goodness for Alt + Tab because I'm not used to a laptop and I keep scrabbling for a mouse (all because a certain nephew won't get off my pc). Umm Rollyo! Well, to keep things simple (and by all means let's do that) am using the same username for pretty much everything. Rollyo is very easy to use but I hafta admit I didn't bother to verify every single one of the sites I chose. Am hoping like hell no one takes this too seriously and decides to check. My topic was free e-books - which I'm not a fan of because the stuff I want costs money (don't it always?). Minimal money. . .but money is money! Mostly I don't use 'em 'cause there's umpteen books that are 'classics' (which is all well and good but I don't want those) or umpteen gazillion-trillion (yeah, I'm sure that's a number) books on computers, marketing, business. . .blah blah blah. Which I don't want. I want lotsa fiction! LOTS. I digress. Again!

Ok, registered with Rollyo and created a profile (lied through my teeth but hey, this is the internet so that's allowed) and then created a Searchroll of free e-book sites that can be viewed here: catatonichataholic's searchroll

I then added my searchroll to my blog so look left *points left* and down *points down* no waaaay down *points waaaay down* and voila! Too easy. Which makes me wonder if I've done something wrong LOL Although kinda ugly so may fiddle with it a bit until I like it (we could be here a while. . .).

Oh, and there's no pic/vid for this post. Instead, I've been playin' around online for audio files/clips/playlists to attach to my blog. Finally found one - RadioBlogClub - and it's easy enough to sign up with and start to use. Although I think they could improve somewhat on how people are able to search. It's kind of an ugly site (there I go, being shallow again) but very simple to use. The only hitch I came across was once I'd willy-nilly added everything rather eclectically (read 'messily') I had no ruddy idea how to delete the dratted songs! Didn't see anything as useful as a 'Help' button on RadioBlogClub's page and ended up googling for the answer *rolls eyes* Finally fixed it and added an 'The 80s are back' playlist - which is set for autoplay, but don't be surprised if some of our work pcs/ pcs won't do it. You can see the RadioBlog to the left *points left* Aww go on! Play Bros 'When will I be famous'. . .you know you wanna! Even worse, you know you know it! See ya - wouldn't wanna be ya ;)

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