'We're jammin' it...

by tosca on Thursday, May 20, 2010

...and we're skanky...'
~ Absolutely NOT a lyric by Sweet & Irie

Yesterday I misheard a Sweet & Irie lyric. Probably not life threatening as things go but slightly mortifying because what I heard (and was joyfully singing out loud) was 'We're jamming it and we're skanky' when, in fact, it is 'We're jamming it and we're skanking.' Big difference. Huge difference. One is a cheap, nasty woman of 'loose morals' (i.e. slutty) and the other is a rhythmic form of reggae dancing. Yeah. Those are two very different things. Dancing - tarty. Dance - tart. Dancing tart. Ooh.

How does this tie in with my videoclip of the week post? Quite well, actually. Warning: roundabout explanation coming up as to exactly how. This week's clip is not a new one. I remember someone sending the link to me sometime last year and I snorted and guffawed so hard I almost fell off my chair, right before I quickly sent it on to everyone else I know - yes, all 2 of them. And then forgot all about it. Yesterday, after realising my lyric mistake I sent out a tweet about it and received a response from @idletick: heh, I'm really bad with mondegreens, least I'm not as bad as that ken lee chic though. http://bit.ly/NDzCy - she's right. Nobody can be as bad as that Ken Lee chic. I can't even explain it. Just watch it. And don't blame me when you pee your pants laughing. Thanks to @idletick for the giggles :)

Please note: a mondegreen is 'a word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.' (according to Dictionary.com)

Sweet & Irie are a local Manukau band and you can them on My Space, Facebook and Muzic.net. The particular song I misheard was 'Sweet & Irie' which you can view on YouTube.

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