'It sucks to be me, it sucks to be me...

by tosca on Thursday, May 13, 2010

...it sucks to be broken, unemployed and turning 33, it sucks to be me!'
- 'It sucks to be me' from the puppet musical 'Avenue Q'

Umm nope, it doesn't suck to be me. Most days it's pretty effing awesome. The post quote is a line from an
Avenue Q song but I'm getting ahead of myself. Today's video gem is thanks to two things:
  1. Getting old. Reluctantly.
  2. Sisters taking me to see Avenue Q - which is a puppet show for adults (the sex scene between Princeton and Kate Monster will psychologically scar me for life, for LIFE, I tell you).

I turn 35 on Monday and I'm not much of a fan of birthdays. This year my sisters thought it'd be a great idea to go see Avenue Q to celebrate. I'd heard a few things about it and it looked fun so I grudgingly went. And had a blast. Laughed myself sick and almost fell off my chair a time or two. The clip below is one that includes the whole cast of puppets/people. It's not my favourite tune. That would be '
The more you love someone' for Christmas Eve's humour and voice - wow the power of her vocals - but couldn't find a good quality clip. But this one's still a goodie (although I did heartily enjoy 'The internet is for porn' and 'Everyone's a little bit racist'). If you do get the chance absolutely go and see this - but don't take the kids. Mr. 6 and Mr. 12, when they heard we were going to see a puppet show, immediately said, 'We like puppets!' Yeah, no. Not like this. Seriously. This clip doesn't feature the cast we had tonight (obviously) but it's just as good. Oh yeah, and I reckon the actor who played Trekkie Monster and Nicky was kinda cute. And I mean the man behind the puppet - not the actual puppet :) It's a guaranteed laugh a minute


Want disturbing? How about Edge staff handing out Avenue Q flyers to the SCHOOL KIDS leaving the SCHOOL PROGRAMME sessions at Auckland Writers & Readers Festival...

by Annie on May 14, 2010 at 7:32 AM. #

Whoa I can imagine kids going home trying to convince parents to take them. Considering the very adult humour I'm not so sure I'd be impressed if Mr 6 came home with a flyer.

by catatonia on May 14, 2010 at 7:59 AM. #

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