'The more I see of men...

by tosca on Thursday, May 6, 2010

...the more I admire dogs.'
- Author unknown.

Warning: Today's post, unlike Sesame Street, is not brought to you by the letters A, S and Y. No, ma'am. It's brought to you by a half-naked mantastic commercial totally lacking in intellectual depth and full of much humour. Much like me, really :)

My post quote is a total front - I'm so not an animal person. Animals and babies *shrugs* I don't get them. They're like...curiosities. When I see a baby half-naked my instinct is to cover it up. But the more I see of men half-naked, well, quite the reverse is true. How does that work? It's a conundrum (ok, no, it's really not) that I shall ponder (no, not really) until the end of my days (I'm asleep already). Those of you who follow my romance newsletter (in particular the May issue) will remember my candid intro:

My hormones have run amok. Seriously - they are rioting and, emotionally, I am consistently inconsistent. It's probably based on the fact that in the middle of May I turn 35 - the official 'cougar' age, if you will. My birthday-ambivalence and the fact that it's a milestone of sorts (please, when you're my age, every year after 30 feels like a milestone) sees my improper thoughts and impulsiveness ratcheted up to dangerous levels. I find myself seriously contemplating whether or not the half-naked chest shot covers are better or worse than half-naked male back shot covers. If a firetruck is driving past I crane my neck to see if I can spot big, buff men with large hoses and hard hats. When police cars go screaming past my imagination runs overtime imagining kinky officers with cuffs. My liking for Captain Jack Harkness (the omnisexual lead character of the Torchwood series) and Doctor Who verges on obsessive and, oh, the things I imagine Captain Jack doing *sigh*. I know! Gosh darn hormones grr.

That's my story for why this clip appeals so gosh darn much. Well, that's the only excuse I'll cop to, anyway. I was lurking with intent at the hilariously funny
Smart Bitches Trashy Books website - in particular, their Friday Videos section and came across this gem. If you get a chance, check out the comments attached to the SBTB post 'Friday Videos Are Just Over The Border.' LOVE those women! Long may they reign!

P.S hopefully there's no test and somebody isn't going to ask me what they were advertising because I'll say, 'WHAT? There was a POINT to that?!' Oh yeah, and is it just me or does the blimp resemble a big penis flying in the sky? LOL


ha, well Fleggaard is a Danish chain of discount stores, apparently. So their Warehouse, I guess.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what was intended with the blimp, and the hose earlier on.

by Natz2-D2 on May 6, 2010 at 9:51 PM. #

I've watched it about 5 or 6 times now and the promo bit still goes whoosh over my head in amongst all that flesh (and those awfully white, white teeth). And as for the oiled up half-naked guy handling a jackhammer...wait. There was a point?!

by catatonia on May 6, 2010 at 10:14 PM. #

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