'Monday is a lame way...

by tosca on Sunday, May 2, 2010

...to spend 1/7 of your life.'
~ Author unknown.

In prepration for 'the impending superbeing whose name I dare not speak' I was putting my cv together. You know how it goes, updating this, adding to that, when it suddenly occurred to me...my ideal job would be as the good Doctor's companion. How would my cv serve me then? What qualities would I need? Something like these, I reckon:

  • reasonably intelligent
  • quick thinker
  • resourceful (although I'm not MacGyver so I can't build a car out of chewing gum)
  • super nosey and insanely curious about everything
  • indepependent (likely to wander off)
  • compassionate (will cry at the drop of a hat)
  • tough
  • bossy
  • superbitch (yes, that's a quality, dammit)
  • gift of the gab (talk myself out of trouble before throwing a punch)
  • stubborn
  • not afraid to disagree with management (just ask former managers, they'll agree)
  • willing to learn anything and everything
  • willing to do anything and everything
  • dangerously attracted to Captain Jack (o captain, my captain, wowsers) - which, on second thought, could be a negative rather than a bonus (and how weird is it that this bullet point comes directly after 'willing to 'do' anything and everything'? Yikes!)
  • single
  • can tweet and Facebook and write a blog post all at the same time (how modern am I? Come on, admit it!)
  • young(ish) (Age is nothing but a number and god knows, I have those)
  • no children - ready to leave now
  • can hold a gun (of course I can't shoot it - I live in South Auckland, who's going to give ME a gun??)
  • can break into a car (learnt how last year - so I'm a late bloomer)
  • can 'almost' hot wire said car (one day I'm going to learn how to properly)
  • prepared to save the world now, right now (just bring chocolate)

I'm pretty sure I have all of these qualities. I'm also sure that it makes me a top pick for his next companion. And so in preparation my bag is packed (one bag, I travel light and it's mostly all chocolate) and I'm just waiting for the call. Now would be good. Maybe, if I'm a good girl and pray to Santa, I'll be next...

...Or not. Either way I am 100% certain that my Mondays will never be so lame again. Real.

Oohh I'm liking the new Doctor - his goofy looks are very appealing. I always like the dorky looking guys. Tonight's NZ premiere of season 05 saw me yelling and screaming my fool head off at the scary bits. Awesome :) I want this on a t-shirt: is this world protected? #doctorwho

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