'More than Santa Claus...

by tosca on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

...your sister knows when you've been bad and good.'
~ Linda Sunshine

It's Tuesday - which means this is a 'my family & other animals post.' This is where I usually share some funny/heartwarming/sad/oddball story about my family. With 8 other siblings and 2 madcap parents you can bet I have LOTS to share. The conversation I overheard earlier this evening was between 2 of my sisters (who think that because I'm typing I can't hear them).

My sisters and I are all kinda close. Most days it's the kinda closeness where you all get along really well. Other days it's that kinda closeness where you could easily whack each other over the head with a shovel and consider it a job well done. There are 2 things that are absolutely off limits if one calls it first and they are: shoes and men. In that order. How does it work? Like this: if we're out shopping and Jaqsin sees a pair of shoes that are to die for and she says MINE then none of us are allowed to buy them, and that goes the same for men as well. Death to she who disregards the oath of the sisterhood. One of my sisters, France, is hmm, 'with child' I believe is the delicate expression. Yeah nah, she's up the duff and hormonal to boot. Can't wait till she and another sibling have their babies. Both this month, I might add. France came to visit this evening and I was sitting here going through staff blogs, commenting, checking progress, tweeting, watching YouTube clips, generally looking at subversive stuff (as you do on the interwebs) and muttering to myself. One such rather foul curse elicited the following conversation between France and Rongz (yet another - but not pregnant - sibling):

France: Is she talking to herself?
Rongz: Yeah.
France: She do that a lot?
Rongz: Yeah.
France: Swearing, too?
Rongz: Yeah.
France: Huh.
Rongz: Some mornings I'm not sure who's going to wake up and greet me - the polite librarian or the dirty, potty-mouth.

Tosca: I can actually do both, you know.
France: Huh.

The image is of France & Tiana-Jade (aka Miss 6) who, incidentally, had to get her hair shaped like that after Mr. 6 got in a grumpy with her and hacked off a chunk of her hair *winces* It has grown back and is very long now but it's still a sensitive topic. Eep.

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