'If minutes were kept of a family gathering...

by tosca on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...they would show that "Members not Present" and "Subjects Discussed" were one and the same.'
~ Robert Brault

Sometimes here in the blogosphere, like when I write about my family (and today is Tuesday so this is a 'My family & other animals' post), I often wonder if any of them will drop by my blog and, upon seeing themselves in print, throw a wobbly. And then I think, 'Well, who cares if they do?' I do acknowledge that maybe they won't like their foibles, idiocies and vulnerabilities out on display for all to point and laugh at...so don't be stupid, then, is all I can think of to say in reply. Don't give me so much material to use :) Growing up as 1 of 9 children made for interesting times. As a result I'm slightly neurotic, terribly grumpy, sharptongued and I hate to share. Hate it. And by that I mean that I don't like to share anything: space, toothpaste, cups, air - you know, the usual. I'm ok with the embarrassing stories LOL

I received an email from my mum today with a funny, short story that concerns Miss Knocked Up (my 21 year old sibling who, if she can't hold on goddamn her, is going to have a baby any day now and oh jesus that scares me witless). Needless to say I will skip the usual motherly 'how-are-you?-are-eating-well?-have-you-killed-each-other-yet?' chatter. Miss Knocked Up is rather...mmm, I'm trying not to say dumb because that's not totally correct. Perhaps 'naive' is a better word. This is her first baby and she's somewhat clueless about the whole process. My other sisters are all experts. I swear to god, I am the last of my sisters to go the baby route and happy to stay that way. Children are a curiosity to me much like...a pair of shoes in a store. You see them, you go, 'Oohh, lookit the pretty!' Then turn them upside down, see the price, turn white as a sheet and go, 'Oohh, too expensive,' and then put them back. That is me with babies. Watching Miss Knocked Up deal with pregnancy is a series of comedic moments and mum's email story below is merely one episode. God, I love the hilarity of my family LOL:

Have you heard the story about Amiria and Marcia in the supermarket? Amiria picks up a bottle of disinfectant, then notices she's all wet; they both start panicking that her waters have broken, until Marcia notices that the 'wet' is blue. Turns out it's the disinfectant. Cute or D'oh?

I fear it is both: cute AND d'oh.

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I'm one of the two sans children, out of five sibs.
Just had greatbaby #9 arrive. Greatbaby #1 just turned 9. And, although not official yet - greatbaby #10 is on its way...
I've been Auntie Anne for most of my life.

by Annie on June 25, 2010 at 10:57 AM. #

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