'I am thankful for laughter...

by tosca on Thursday, June 24, 2010

...except when milk comes out of my nose.'
~ Woody Allen

It's Thursday, I'm half-frozen and after having spent the early portion of my evening fielding homework chat queries and singing Edith Pfiaf at the top of my voice after staff were gone home, I am in need of a giggle. So I go where I go when I need a laugh. Yes, that's right, the interwebs. This is my 'video clip of the week' post.

Contrary to popular belief, the internet is not for porn. Or at least, not just for porn ;) And one of these days when I run out of anything else to look at (video clips, funny images, weird websites etc.) I am going to look at porn online. Torchwood and Doctor Who images are think geek porn but they're not nudiness and nakedity porn. Oh lord, have I found degrees of porn-iness? Digressing. Apologies.

Back to giggles! Banned and funny ads - others get their kicks on Route 66 but I get mine on YouTube looking at banned and funny ads. The clip below is intended for nothing more than laughs.

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