'Happiness is the sublime moment...

by tosca on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

...when you get out of your corsets at night.'
~ Joyce Grenfell

But don't women look fabulous in them until that moment? Corsets are...well, they're stunning. Something about them makes me go 'Ooohhh.' It could be partly tied up in why I enjoy historical romances (the good and the bad novels) - that era of contradiction. Every thing about the time was about delicate sensibilities yet the clothing, in my mind, was the dead opposite - the plunging necklines, so much flesh on display, everything pushed up and primped and made vulnerable looking. It's absolutely delicious! Depending on your bent (or kink as it were) the diverse range of corsets makes my head spin. I've seen the odd the beautiful, the tacky, the sensual, the fantastical, the practical, the most ethereal and the most ugly designs thanks to Twitter, Tumblr and good old Google.

Wednesday is my weird, strange, oddball book title/cover or image post and Thursday is my video clip of the week post. I thought I'd do a 2-in-1 tonight. If there's one name I connect with corsets it's that of Maya Hansen, a corsétière, and the images above are all her design. I guarantee you would never have seen anything like her work before. So there are no books tonight - just corsets galore. If you get the chance, check me out on Tumblr because there are some more corset images there, too, that are just as fantastic as these. And yeah, they're not to everyone's taste.

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