'The informality of life...

by tosca on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...is a blessed condition that allows us to become our best while looking our worst.'
~ Marge Kennedy

I would like to point out that this is a picture of lungs and NOT tubes. There is method to my madness. Some days. It's Tuesday - all day today - which means that this is a 'My family and other animals' post. Today's family member worth mentioning is Markhiem, my 13 year old nephew.

Markie turned 13 a few days ago and it's awfully cliché but it seems like just yesterday he was asking for more Winnie the Pooh stories. I remember his first day of school - it was a toss up who was going to cry first, his mum or me. In the end we both did. I taught him to read when he was 4 and back then he loved books so much. Thanks to a crappy school system they undid everything and now he hates reading. Awesome. Doh.

This conversation took place just a few minutes ago and I was torn between snorting with laughter and rolling my eyes. In the end I did neither for fear it would lead to more questions I definitely didn't want to answer (especially when I know I it's my own fault, I shouldn't mutter things I don't want to have to explain).

Tosca: So it is Harriet the Spy?
Markie: No.
Tosca: So it's Blog Wars?
Markie: No.
Tosca: But you said it was one or the other?
Markie: No.
Tosca: No, wait...yes you did!
Markie: No.
Tosca: *muttering to herself* I'm not having children. I'm so getting my tubes tied.
Markie: What are tubes? Are they like your lungs?
Tosca: *blinks rapidly* Yeah, sure. They're your lungs.
Markie: Why would you get your lungs tied?!

Check out my tumblr - there's a spectacular picture there (that I did not take). Over and out ;)

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