'Without losers...

by tosca on Thursday, April 29, 2010

...where would the winners be?'
~ Casey Stengal, 1890 - 1975, major league baseball player

Oohh I missed a post last night because it was my regular quiz night (we got our butts kicked for the first time in ages grr) and was too lazy afterward. Well, that and I was heads down in another Doctor Who episode *shamefaced look* Hence the quote. So this will be a two-fer-one. I know - how lucky are you? *snorts*

Title: Promoted: to Wife and Mother
Author: Jessica Hart
Synopsis: Perdita James is thrilled with her new job, until a personality quiz reveals she's an attention-seeking peacock! Her boss, Edward Merrick, is a panther--forceful, decisive and more than a little ruthless. Perdita's head tells her to ignore her attraction and work hard for a promotion. But somehow, whenever she's with single-dad Ed, she feels anything but professional. She's becoming crazy about her boss!

Bizarre book title for yesterday/today is this gem (points left). I dunno about anybody else but, working where I do, if I was told that I wasn't going to get a pay raise, that I was going to get a husband and a kid instead, I swear I would sit down and cry. Give me the money, anyday, please and thank you. What the heck was she doing before the wife/mother thing that those would be a bonus? SCARY.

Please note: the fact that I find the book titles/covers silly is not an indication of the story or writing skill. It is only an indication of my daft sense of humour. Also, this is on my request list to read :)

My video clip of the week is 'Facebook Manners and You' - an hilarious 4 mins of the dos and don'ts of relationship etiquette on Facebook. Why? Our library staff are currently taking part in our revamped Learning 2.0 tutorial. In an effort to find links/clips of interest I came across this gem.

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