'Truth is stranger than fiction,...

by tosca on Monday, April 26, 2010

but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.'
~ Samuel Langhorne Clemens, more commonly known as Mark Twain, (1835 – 1910), author

What I'm reading right at this moment:

There are a couple of other books I'm in the middle of but have chosen my 2 favs for the week.

Title: The black book of colours by Menena Cottin & Rosana Faria
Synopsis: This title invites readers to imagine living without sight through remarkable illustrations done with raised lines and descriptions of colors based on imagery. Braille letters accompany the illustrations and a full Braille alphabet offers sighted readers help reading along with their fingers. -- Publisher description.

One sentence review: Quite simply this is a brilliant book - the story has braille, written text (evocative - who would think to describe the colour brown as smelling like chocolate?) and raised images (don't be surprised if you find yourself closing your eyes and running your fingers across the images to 'see' if it feels how it's described) thereby reaching tactile, sighted and blind readers.

Title: Ghosts of Manhattan by George Mann
Synopsis: "1926. New York. The Roaring Twenties. Jazz. Flappers. Prohibition. Coal-powered cars. A cold war with a British Empire that still covers half of the globe. Yet things have developed differently to established history. America is in the midst of a cold war with a British Empire that has only just buried Queen Victoria, her life artificially preserved to the age of 107. Coal-powered cars roar along roads thick with pedestrians, biplanes take off from standing with primitive rocket boosters and monsters lurk behind closed doors and around every corner. This is a time in need of heroes. It is a time for The Ghost. A series of targeted murders are occurring all over the city, the victims found with ancient Roman coins placed on their eyelids after death. The trail appears to lead to a group of Italian-American gangsters and their boss, who the mobsters have dubbed 'The Roman'. As The Ghost draws nearer to The Roman and the centre of his dangerous web, he must battle with foes both physical and supernatural and call on help from the most unexpected of quarters if he is to halt the imminent destruction of the city." --Publisher description.

One sentence - my thoughts so far: Enjoying it so far and whether that's because I hear it in my head as a graphic novel I'm not sure, but it has a dark, vigilante superhero feel to it that reminds me of film noir (very edgy, shadowy and in your face).

More next week. Peace, love & mungbeans baby.

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