'All change is not growth...

by tosca on Saturday, April 24, 2010

...as all movement is not forward.'

~ Ellen Glasgow (April 22, 1873-November 21, 1945), Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

My blog format will be changing. Whether it's for better or worse remains to be seen - hence the blog post title. I've been so far off track for months that it makes more sense to scrap the old routine and try this one instead:

Monday: What I'm currently reading/watching
Tuesday: My family & other animals (things my family do that beg to be shared)
Wednesday: On the shelf - library-related
Thursday: Video clip pick of the week
Friday: Ms. Ranty McRanty Pants (my 1 chance a week to be even more opinionated)
Saturday: Book cover pick of the week (so many book covers to have fun with, so little time)

I'm not blogging on Sunday - seriously, even God got to have a rest. So it's Saturday - which means 'Book cover pick of the week.' Some weeks I may not even have any commentary/story to add to the image - I'm pretty sure most of them will speak for themselves. They'll be good, funny, bad, irreverent and all points in between. Comments, as always, welcome. Here's the first:
Author: Lucy Ashford
Synopsis: "Tassie bit her lip. Why hadn't he turned her over to the constables? She certainly wasn't going to try to run past him, even if he did have a limp. She was tall, but this man towered over her - six foot of hardened muscle, shoulders forbiddingly broad beneath his riding coat, strong booted legs set firmly apart. Major Marcus Forrester. All ready for action. And Tassie couldn't help but remember his kiss..."--Publisher description.

This gem I found at Botany Library. Was looking for books for my romance newsletter and spotted this and started hooting with laughter. It's just too delicious not to share! Gail, a librarian at Botany, tried to take it off me and hide it back amongst the shelves but I wasn't having any of it LOL Points to her for trying, though :) And does she realise it's not his pocket she's picking...? Have a good weekend, people, see you Monday.

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