'We've got a fully functional forcefield...

by tosca on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...Try saying that drunk.'
~ Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who, Series 2, Volume 1, Episode 6

Somewhere between my teen years and adulthood I cast aside my love of all things Doctor Who. I can't even remember why, and I do regret that. My mother introduced me to science fiction/movies (my gran is a Trekkie and so is my 2nd oldest sister) and my father introduced me to fantasy fiction/movies so it's not a huge surprise that I enjoyed it so much. The last few days have seen me rediscovering the Doctor. Markhiem (Mr. 12) and Kalani (Mr. 6) have started watching it with me and have lots of questions (that I cannot answer). Even better than that, the comments that come about as a result of their trying to understand the show are hilarious and, sometimes, aggravating (because they interrupt my dvd-fest). Yes, this is another one of those kiddie/family posts. Feel free to stop reading.

Me: When I was your age I wanted a TARDIS.
Markhiem: You wanted to be retarded?
Me: No - the TARDIS. That *points*
Markhiem: You want a phone box?
Me: It's not just a phone box - it's what it can do. What it represents! It..They...He...Forget it. Now sshh.
Markhiem: I don't get it.
Me: I know. Now sshh.

Image is of Kalani and Markhiem, taken at Okahu Bay on Waitangi Day 2010. Kalani is now a Doctor Who fanatic - Markhiem watches it with one eye on the door looking for escape.

The scene where Captain Jack kisses Doctor Who on the mouth? *fans self* Wow. As a fan of m/m romance novels - nice :-)

Downside to a Doctor Who fest? Quotes that are now stuck in my head, example:
- 'Do you know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek home world? The Oncoming Storm.'
- 'This is Rose Tyler, she's my plus one.'
- '...I got a first in jiggery pokery. What about you?'
- 'This is the sort of mummery I strive to unmask. Séances? Nothing but luminous tambourines and a squeeze box concealed between the knees.'

Dear customer who has the next season out: bring it back. Quick! I refuse to watch Torchwood until you do.


Ah, Dr Who...I started to read a lot of Dr Who books when I was 12ish, and enjoyed watching the old tv series growing up. Like you I have outgrown it. Somehow I don't actually enjoy the current tv series. It will however remain as one of the early sci fi influences in my life...

by Musicat on April 20, 2010 at 10:08 PM. #

I feel slightly shameful that I never read a Doctor Who book. My favourite Doctor was Jon Pertwee. I used to watch Worzel Gummidge and he was someone I recognised. Weirdly, he was the 3rd Doctor from 1970-1974, before I was born, but I watched those episodes in the late 70s/early 80s. Hmm. I tend to be a bit fanatic about tv series. When I watch them I do it wholeheartedly and get right into it. I'm tickled pink that the aliens are as silly (rubbery/plastic) looking as they were in the 70s.

by catatonia on April 21, 2010 at 9:10 AM. #

Never too late to start reading them :)

Check this out if you haven't already!


by Musicat on April 21, 2010 at 10:24 AM. #

ps. I liked the 4th Dr Who Tom Baker the best...

by Musicat on April 21, 2010 at 10:24 AM. #

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