'It's not so far off your world...

by tosca on Thursday, April 22, 2010

...this place is only parallel.'
~ Doctor Who, Series 2, Season 2, Episode 5 'Rise of the cybermen'

I finally admit that perhaps my obsession for Doctor Who has gotten a little out of hand. But it took this moment in today's Digital Services meeting to make me realise that little fact:

Natalie: Imagine if people had a chip in their head and when you went to the library they greeted you by name and knew what you wanted.
Tosca: No no no no no. That wouldn't be good. Didn't you see that episode of Doctor Who? They tried that. It ended badly.
Corin: Because Doctor Who is real...
Tosca: *puzzled look*

What? What do you mean it's not real?! Does Doctor Who know this?!?

Note: post title is a quote from Doctor Who, Series 2, Season 2, Episode 5 'Rise of the cybermermen.'. Image is from Doctor Who, Series 2, Season 1, Episode 7 'The long game.'

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