'Families are like fudge...

by tosca on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

... - mostly sweet with a few nuts.'
~ Author unknown

Today is Tuesday which means the post is 'My family & other animals.' Why is this the name of my Tuesday Topic? I'm a diehard Gerald Durrell fan. Gran read his books (and met him when he was in NZ back in the 1960s to film 'Two in the bush' for the BBC) and passed her love of them on to my mother who, in turn, passed that on to moi. This only works sometimes. Gran is a Trekkie and, while I like Star Trek, I'm not a total fan.

'My family & other animals' is probably my favouritest Durrell book and there's many a time I've thought my family are as nutty/kinky/fruity as his was. That's for damn sure hah. Each Tuesday I will post a funny, silly, stupid, maddening, horrifying, heartwrenching, gutbusting story of something my family does/says that just begs to be shared :) I'm 1 of 9 kids - believe me, I've got LOTS to share.

The following is a true conversation that took place between one of my many siblings and myself.

Frangipani: What are you watching?
Tosca: The Nativity Story.
Frangipani: What's it about?
Tosca: You know - Mary, Joseph, Jesus.
Frangipani: Like the bible?
Tosca: Yep.
Frangipani: Oh...how does it end?
Tosca: *blank look* What?
Frangipani: How does it end?
Tosca: Are you serious?
Frangipani: Umm...yes?
Tosca: You went to Sunday school for years.

Frangipani: And...?
Tosca: You don't get it?
Frangipani: Nope. Is it famous?
Tosca: No effing way. No. Effing. Way. Come on! The bible?
Frangipani: Yeah so? Wait! Is this that story? Is that how it ended?

Oy vey :D


LOL! Your family is funnee!

Yes have fond memories of G Durrell. I learnt a lot of cool words reading his books... like "surreptitious" :D

by Musicat on April 28, 2010 at 8:18 PM. #

His books are timeless :) I have the Jersey Island zoo (the Manor) on my list of must-visit places. No matter how old I get they still make me laugh out loud

by catatonia on April 29, 2010 at 9:46 PM. #

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