'I don't think today's younger audience...

by tosca on Thursday, November 4, 2010

...would even know what 1920s musicals were like.'
~ Julie Andrews

It's Thursday and this is my image/video clip of the week post. I promise that it's going to be a quick, fly-by post. Honest :) And it comes to you via Natalie (or @natz2d2). She is the bomb diggity :0) Natalie flicked out a YouTube link on twitter last Friday that I totally missed but would love to have seen at the time. It would've been a nice way to have ended the working week. I think I missed it because I was, as usual, blathering on in my own tweetstream about nothing in particular o_O Once I watched it, though, I just had to share it/torture you with it.

Thanks to my mother I am a Sound of Music fan. I used to think it would be seven kinds of awesome if I could play Maria in a school play or with a local theatre. That opportunity never arose (probably because I never looked for it d'oh). The Sound of Music (and Gigi, weirdly) were the start of a lifelong love affair with musicals of all sorts. It's probably not surprising that operas don't just make me cry, I howl and sob like nobody's business. It's quite embarrassing. I've tried to pass on my love of musicals to my nephews/niece but uhh they're not having a bar of it. Not at all. Or at least not for the older musicals. Freakin' High School Musical etc. yes *groans* Slightly gutted. That didn't, however, detract from my enjoying Natalie's link: Oprah talks to the original movie cast of The Sound of Music on her show - the first interview they've done as a group since they were in the movie 45 years ago. This is the first of three clips that made up that show. These are links to parts two and three. I kinda thought that Christopher Plummer is still as handsome today, at 80, as he was then. Even if he sounds like he was a bit of a boozer and a lech LOL Enjoy! I did :)

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