The unfortunate incident of the 'F' word in the audiobook (and the resulting giggles, snorts & guffaws)...

by tosca on Saturday, January 16, 2010

I don't have good luck with audiobooks. I definitely remember listening to them as a child, so it's not like I've never heard them before. But somewhere between Dr. Seuss stories on tape and being 34 yrs old today I lost them. Or they lost me. Maybe we lost each other. I think it's more likely that I still associate them with kiddy books and kids learning to read and can't make that bridge between child and adult. I used to listen to Sunday Stories on the radio, years ago, and I loved those! They were my favourite part of Sunday morning! The only adult audiobook I've enjoyed to date was 'It's only a show' by the very funny Garrison Keillor. Probably because it was a mix of radio jingles, songs, readings etc. with a cast of people (as opposed to one reader doing three very bad accents).

Last year I tried giving them a go. Thought it would be interesting to hear some romance novels read aloud. Requested 'Into the fire' by Suzanne Brockmann (from the very popular Troubleshooters Inc. series). The very first 2 mins, in fact probably the opening sentence, the 'F' word is used and I get the giggles. Which turns into snorting. And then rapidly deteriorates into an outright guffaw. It was just so blatant! I'm an adult who curses as often as I breathe (maybe more hah) yet it took me aback and seemed...slightly baldfaced. Couldn't get past the first 2 mins and that was the end of that audiobook.

Thought maybe it was just me and tried another one. This time 'The hollow' by Nora Roberts. No use of the 'F' word. YAY! But very strange sounding accents. Not-so-yay. In fact, the voices were too distracting and, before long, the giggles started up. And so endeth audiobook experience number two.

Tried again, this time with 'Swallowing darkness' by Laurell K. Hamilton. As far as the books are concerned I'm not enjoying them as much as earlier ones. Mostly because I get confused with all of the menage scenes and, I don't know about anyone else, but when a book becomes mere sexual gymnastics in your head you end up going to sleep sitting up in your chair still. Was a bit hesitant - if I couldn't handle the 'F' word read aloud how the heck was I going to handle ménage scenes? Apparently really easy - too easy, in fact. I spent the day wandering around the branch listening to the reader's very soothing voice. So soothing that I zoned out for the rest of the day. Couldn't remember what happened in the story, or what any of the characters may or may not have done/said/intimated/kissed. Another bad audiobook experience.

As it stands at the moment I am still desperately looking for an audiobook I might even vaguely enjoy. Just last week I tried 'Twenty wishes: a Blossom Street book' by Debbie Macomber. Ordinarily I like her books but this one...I kept dozing off in the middle of it. The Mexican accent was awful - I couldn't stop wincing and groaning every time he/she spoke. And a few of the statements got my back up whereas, if I'd read them, I may not have minded so much.

I've just gotten a copy of 'Three singles to adventure' by Gerald Durrell (he is my idol) and I'm hoping like heck that this lives up to the book experience. I'm going to keep trying to find something I like - I don't give in easily...much.

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I still want Tinkerbell to tell you it's time to turn the page.
I can't do audio books, either! Listened to the beginning of Sabriel, read by Tim Curry *sigh* - until I realised all I was doing was listening to his voice... and not paying any attention to the words.
I also find myself looking for a book to read, to keep myself busy, while listening. Obviously, my head thinks it's just like music, or talkback - ie, background noise...

by Annie on January 19, 2010 at 8:44 AM. #

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