The half-Greek, quarter-Brit, one third-Dutch tycoon megazillionaire alpha playboy's pregnant boss's mistresses second-cousin's virgin secretary...

by tosca on Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ok, so the title of my post is half in jest: 'The half-Greek, quarter-Brit, one third-Dutch tycoon megazillionaire alpha playboy's pregnant boss's mistress's second-cousin's virgin secretary' but I'm pretty sure that if I read a book with that title it'd live up to it! Read a few Mills & Boon novels (what I call Boonies) over the last couple of weeks or so that made me realise that I want all of them to totally live up to their name. Like, so totally! But I am not having much luck. I'm finding 'almosts' which are ok, but if you know of one where the story delivers the promise of the title 100% I'd like for you to leave the title/author as a comment so I can go read them. Pretty please and thank you.
I don't care how outrageous the titles are. It's a Boonie and I've come to expect quirky and slightly shocking. What I want is for the story to back that up. I have read lots that do, and yay. Maybe I'm picking up the wrong ones lately. Help!

The boss's bedroom agenda by Nicola Marsh - nice light read although I did think that the heroine could well have been sued for sexual harassment had she been a male. Eek. I liked the hero. Slightly geeky CEO of a museum (do museums have CEOs? shows how much I don't know) who falls (well, it was mutual falling) for an impulsive, flighty, shoe-a-holic and press gangs him (ok, she didn't have to press him hard) into an affair while assuring him that she can maintain a professional manner by day. Uhh don't know about anyone else but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do that. That little trick where you imagine people naked, imagine how much worse the giggles would be when you have seen the other person naked. Egads. So, the title half-lived up to its name. He was the boss, yes. He had the agenda - not really. She did. Enjoyed the book anyway :)

Bedded for pleasure, purchased for pregnancy by Carol Marinelli - quick read, as most Boonies are, but left me feeling that the story didn't match the title. Yes, there was bedding and yes there was pleasure and yes it was all mutual and, while money may have changed hands (or at least bank accounts) for a 'fake fiancee,' no money changed hands for a pregnancy. It's not that I wanted to think he treated her like a womb-style convenience store and paid for a baby (well, I don't think that's what I wanted) but I wouldn't have been expecting that if it had been called...oh hell, I dunno, how about the truth: 'He slept with her for the hell of it and she was desperate and needed money to pay off her compulsive gambling brother's debts and so became a 'fake fiancee' for a cool $1,000,000.' Now that would tell me what I was getting right off the bat, yes ma'am.
I still intend to carry on finding titles that are the real deal. What use is my romance newsletter without it and oohh I think I just found a theme for the Feb Mills & Boon section: Boonies that deliver - satisfaction guaranteed. And not in a dirty sense although that could be another theme, too. Hah.


Glad you enjoyed Beth and Aidan's story :)

Liz Fielding's Her Desert Dream, out this month, lives up to the title.

And my Feb release, Marriage: For Business or Pleasure? sums up the book perfectly!

Enjoy :)

by Nicola Marsh on January 24, 2010 at 9:49 AM. #

Excellent! Have requested Liz Fielding's book and can't wait to read it. Am assuming our libraries will purchase your Feb release so yay. Plan to review them both for our library website and feature them in our Feb romance newsletter :) Thank you very much!

by catatonia on January 24, 2010 at 10:28 AM. #

You're welcome :)

by Nicola Marsh on January 25, 2010 at 10:51 AM. #

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