Stanza, stanza...wherefore art thou? Or at least...wherefore art thy working copy...?

by tosca on Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few months ago I used Stanza on my ipod touch to read ebooks ( when I had a macbook - before I killed it 'playing' with it - now we never speak of it except in hushed tones). Liked Stanza. Loved it. Wanted to marry it. Raise its babies. Today...I'd like to take to it with a hammer.

It works. It doesn't. It works. It doesn't. Mostly it doesn't. If it were a boyfriend I'd be happy with the hot and cold, hell, I'd expect it. But this isn't a boyfriend (it gives more thrills for less money hah). It'll let me share (between my desktop pc and my touch) a few books at a time and then it'll stop going and I'll have to uninstall it just to reinstall it again, then upload a few books to it, then uninstall it just to reinstall it again, then get the picture. Yeah, you get the picture and I don't get the ebooks. Oi. And right now it's been 'Searching...' for my shared books for 10 mins. It's giving me a complex.

I've never been a believer in the idea that ebooks will replace the printed word and, right about now, I'm so freakin' glad about that. There's a downside and an upside: downside - will have to wait in queue like everyone other damn library customer for the popular books 'cause usually I'd buy 'em in ebook format; upside - I save money on ebooks. That's it. Bleah. Mobipocket on my blackberry has never let me down - it just won't let me bookmark. This is not my week for ebooks hah.

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