Slideshare - adding powerpoint presentations to Blogger

by tosca on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi de hi campers! Just a quick post (yeah, so sue me, I always say that and never ruddy well mean it). Our lovely Summer Reading Programme is underway and, for once, I'm not involved in check ins. Huh - go figure. I'm not used to that. So, anyway, the programme - titled Get your game face on! - has a blog and it's run by our lovely Jolene (take a bow, Jolene). You can view the blog here. Jolene flicked me an email asking how to add a powerpoint presentation to their blog - and I was stymied because - D'OH ME - I hadn't ever done it before and didn't think I'd ever have to. One thing I'll give Jolene is she never asks me boring questions. A couple of days ago I had found my way to Slideshare by accident (or fate, who knows, I ain't questioning it) and joined without actually having anything worth adding. A quick hunt on Google today showed me that my Slideshare account was going to be put to use. Very easy process to join, even easier to upload a powerpoint file. What wasn't so easy was finding the damn Embed code..........never occurred to me that I'd have to activate that in the account settings. Yeah, so thinking isn't always my forte! Another quick Google session (5 secs at the most) pointed out the error of my ways and, after making sure that the Embed option was enabled, I was able to grab the code and paste it into the Gameface blog to test it. YAY ME ;-)

'Cause Jolene's an independent kinda learner (gotta luv those types, eh) she asked for a quick set of instructions so she could do it herself from now on! That involved having to set up an account for Manukau Libraries (here's our public Slideshare page which doesn't have any files atm 'cause Jolene's about to add some so be patient) so staff can use it when they need to. Nice and easy. Shoot, wish it was all that easy heh =)

Oh hmm, another update on Bloglines and work access - no go, I'm afraid. It was thought that staff would still be able to access sites via Bloglines that work ordinarily wouldn't allow us to. Am gutted but that's beyond my control. I mentioned in a former post that I had re-routed everything through Feed My Inbox to deliver directly to my work email in the meantime until a resolution had been reached. Kaka thing of it is is that it meant all of my feeds were a day late - who the hell wants to read the Herald a day late LOL So I have imported ALL of my bloglines feeds into Google Reader instead. You may remember from a previous post I wasn't so keen on G-Reader but desperate times mean my options are limited. And, sshh don't tell anyone this, but I'm actually getting the hang of it AND enjoying it.

I gotta say, first my work access to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books was curtailed *cue tear* and then a lot of the image generators were blocked *whimper* and THEN my access to Bloglines was taken away *cries* and THEN my ruddy access to Rex Parker's fantabulous Pop Sensation blog was yanked *sobs*. Shoot - it's enough to make me think it's personal :-)

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