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by tosca on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I read in an article that Mills & Boon and the English Rugby Football Union have signed a contract to produce 8 new novels this year - a part of the International Billionaires series - featuring rugby players as the heroes. Now, being a New Zealander and, worse, a New Zealand lass raised on rugby (I have vivid memories of being dragged around to various Petone rugby grounds as a child and I wouldn't be surprised if my first words were not Mama and Dada but 'Come ON Ref!' - thanks Dad, geez) I was curious as to how the mix would work. And a tad bit apprehensive, as well. What I envisioned was, I dunno, geez, mud and romance and rugby boots and, dare I say it but dinner at Burger King or McDonalds (or even the pub with chips and tomato sauce on the menu). That wasn't the case :-)

The first novel is The Prince's Waitress Wife by Sarah Morgan and was due to hit the shelves Feb 1st to coincide with the 2009 RBS (hell, don't ask me what that is cos I have no clue) Six Nations' something-or-other (hey, I know NZ rugby sheesh) but I've just finished reading it right this very minute. I thought the title was pushing it a bit, I mean come on, he's a prince with screeds of money, an ex-special forces bodyguard, his very own kingdom AND he plays rugby. Ack! Was funny (as in humour ha ha funny) and also funny (as in weird funny) to be reading a romance novel and have the hero explain what a scrum is, or a tackle, or even a try. Am wondering if I can pass it off to my dad to read - although the lurid pink cover may just put him off. It could be paybacks for all those years of rugby!

Although they're (obviously) not all published and I have them in my TBR (to be read) shelf in my GoodReads account, in order the books are:
The Prince's Waitress Wife by Sarah Morgan (Feb 2009)
At the Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding by India Grey (March 2009)
The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress by Abby Green (April 2009)
The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin by Susan Stephens (May 2009)
The Italian Count's Defiant Bride by Catherine George (June 2009)
The Sheikh's Love-Child by Kate Hewitt (July 2009)
Blackmailed into the Greek Tycoon's Bed by Carol Marinelli (August 2009)
The Virgin Secretary's Impossible Boss by Carol Mortimer (September 2009)

Ooh also! I've just finished reading The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston. I discovered the book by fate/accident - was cruising the historical fiction shelves (as I have been doing lately) and saw the title and grabbed it. I know, I know - longtime fan of Pride and Prejudice, what a dork I am and I'm not apologising for it hah. Was initially apprehensive because it's a huge thing to think you can pull off a continuation of Austen's characters but it works. Well, it works for me. The Darcy Connection looks at Mr. Collins' daughters and it's quite comforting to think he's still a bumbling fool - only now he's a Bishop and (the former Miss Lucas) Charlotte is pretty much the backbone of that relationship. One of their daughters is named Eliza for Elizabeth Darcy and is very much as indepdent thinking as the original character. I had to keep in mind that it is all 20 years after Pride and Prejudice so what society will allow has changed somewhat and, I think, there was a motor car. It's book 5 in the series so have requested all of the earlier titles where, apparently, we get to know Darcy and Elizabeth's children. Oh, and the rotten Caroline Bingley is still in there and she married err Lord Warren so she's now Lady Warren and bitter over the fact that Elizabeth got Darcy - yes, even 20 years later. Talk about a grudge! Oh, hmm, one thing - there are some err what's the term? In some parts it's almost exactly Pride and Prejudice: young Eliza overhears a young man refer to her in a rather unfortunate way and they spend quite a bit of their time with him on the backfoot because of it; and the older sister is a tad bit too remote and cool - would've been nice to see her slightly more human/animated. Maybe if she had her own book she would be but I didn't quite think her impending marriage to the Marble Marquis (and no that wasn't his real title but perhaps they were well matched in temperament after all) was explained to my satisfaction ALTHOUGH they were very charming characters. Oohh and Mr. Darcy had a cameo role (if you can call it that in a book, erk)!


I'm a fan of Pride & Prejudice too so read your review with interest and I think I might add this one to my ever growing TBR pile

PS Like your sassy blog too

by Teddyree on February 12, 2009 at 7:17 PM. #

Oooh yay Mills n Boon AND Rugby....hehehehe

by Shaz77 on February 28, 2009 at 9:18 PM. #

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