Ricardo Montalban

by tosca on Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ricardo Montalban died earlier this week (November 25, 1920 - January 14, 2009). For most people he would likely bring to mind either his role as Mr. Roarke...which of course reminds people of Tattoo constantly harping on about, 'Ze plane! Ze plane!' and desperately pointing into the air and, of course, he played the role of Khan Noonien SIngh from Star Trek. He and his wife were married for 63 years. How the hell is that for a story?? Thought it would make a nice inclusion in the romance newsletter for February. In rememberance I've got a couple of vids to post. One is him dancing with a very young Rita Moreno, using her to show Lana Turner how to dance 'tight inside, loose outside.' Am assuming it is actually dancing they're talking about but with that accent who knows :-) and who cares! It's absolutely delicious - especially this bit:

Montalban: I lead not you. You're not the man
Turner: Well, I don't particuarly want to be
Montalban: Good. That fits in with my plans exactly!
Turner: When did you have time to make plans?
Montalban: Oh, in a matter of seconds. In the stable.

Now whether he made these plans in the stable or WANTS to enact these plans in the stable is unclear - but who cares when he talks like that LOL It's a gorgeous vid - so watch and enjoy - and thanks to the wonderful readers on SBTB for the link!

This second vid is with the beautiful Cyd Charisse - and gosh that dress is deceptive. Seemingly simple looking and then she starts kicking and flipping it and the bits of colour comes through, shaking and shimmying and wow.

Image taken from L.A Times article.

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