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by tosca on Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I like Good Reads - and the few of you who read this will know that because I've said it before: I like Good Reads! I like it even more this evening (yeah, it's 11:49pm on Tues 13th Jan, 2009 and I have a whole stack of books to read and instead am playing online) because I've found a group called Romance Readers Reading Challenges. The description of the group reads: If you love to read romance novels, or just read, and you like reading challenges, come and join this group. If you look at your TBR list and don't know which book to start with, worry no more. We will give you a reason to. Each month we will give you 10 categories that will allow you to pick 10 books to read. You are welcome to review, discuss and rate these books.

Now because the first challenge was only just posted today-ish there are only 5 challenges instead of the usual 10. And they are:

1. New Year Challenge: In with the new, Out with the old: Read a book that has been in your TBR pile for so long.
2. Beginnings: Read a book that is the first in a series.
3. Tournament of Roses: Read a book that has a name of a flower in its title.
4. Winter Season: Read a book that has a word that starts with "W" in its title.
5. Martin Luther King Day: Read a book that has an African-American character in it or read a book that is set in the South or in a Southern state

Have posted my answers already. Was thinking that perhaps this is something we could adapt for our romance newsletter - not 10 and maybe not even 5. Maybe err 3? Roughly 30 days in a month means about umm 3 every 10 days. It's doable - highly doable. As I type this I'm seeing in my head a number of regular customers at our branch who take out 5-10 in one visit and are back again a few days later. I think we'd need an incentive of some sort - only I'm not sure what. Maybe a copy of the Firefighters 2009 Calendar - yeah? Hmm, yeah.

I think this may be my shortest post ever *gasps* Egads! From me and the Dixie Chicks (we're both not ready to make nice) a bientot =)

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