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by tosca on Thursday, January 15, 2009

ARGH! Found the Olathe Public Library (Kansas) website by accident (prefer to think it was fate). Came across their Subject Guide listing. From there I found my way to their Readers Advisory page recommending sites with book reviews, suggestions etc. and uhh I am skipping my lunch break to go through them ;-) I know, what a dork heh. So ok, here are the ones I really liked or found quirky, in no particular order:

* Book Club Girl who is dedicated to sharing great books, news and tips with book club girls everywhere - In the first 5 mins alone I have found 9 books to request *gulps* where the hell will I find the time ack

* Amazon Top 100 - updated hourly (psst I want that job - ok no I don't but it might be nice)

* Harper Library - makes a good readers' advisory tool, too. I saw a book cover on Book Club Girl (The Birth House by Ami McKay) which, when I clicked on it, led me to Harper Library with 2 or 3 suggestions below that were similar to that one. I see that they also have a 'Download a free e-book' link. The words 'free' and 'e-book' are guaranteed to lure me in. They also have their own Top 10 Lists to peruse.

* Mathematical Fiction - was never my forte in high school (hello, I took 3 languages, science and music) so more out of curiosity I wanted to see if there were many...and yes there were!

* Online Book Clubs - hah I don't have to rearrange my oh-so-busy (not) schedule to attend a book club in person. I'm lazy and I can do it via email YAY ME. Signed up for a couple (curiosity really) to see what I shall see. Every Mon through Fri they send me 5 min selection from a chapter and by the end of the week I'll have read 2-3 chapters. New book every Monday. Hmm, my only concern is...what happens when I read those 2-3 teaser chapters and we don't have the book in our library system for me to finish??? That would suck. Majorly :-) Boohoo.

Umm don't really enjoy the sites where I have to enter what kind of plot I like before it suggests anything. I judge books by their covers and I refuse to apologise for it. So there! Egads - lunch break over - serious hat on. Bubbye =)

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