"The worst feature of a new baby...

by tosca on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...is its mother's singing."
~ Kin Hubbard

Mmmm not in our family. Everyone sings and/or plays guitar and they all sound pretty damn good while doing it, too. Including baby Remy's mother. Family home evenings always involved music (my parents are mormons and yeah, I grew up mormon except if you stand still and listen to dad long enough he'll tell you I'm the spawn of Satan and the doors will fall off their hinges should I ever enter a church). I remember we were always singing somewhere: baptisms, weddings and fireside evenings (weirdly, there were no fires at those fireside evenings, in fact, once I remember wearing a fur coat). Upshot? Music is a mainstay, so I probably shouldn't have been surprised that even the baby enjoys it, too. And yet, I kinda am.

Ordinarily I share some terribly funny but ultimately embarrassing story about a family member (or sometimes myself) for this, my Tuesday 'my family & other animals' post. Tonight, however, I thought I'd share what seems to be a favourite song of baby Remy. Although, you know, he's 2 months old so his tastes will change :) He loves music. Absolutely adores it, I'm happy to say, except I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that he likes to mimic me if I sing Lady Gaga's 'Poker face' to him (the Glee version, I'll have you know) o_O

The clip below is The Mamas and the Papas song 'Dream a little dream of me' which seems to work a treat at calming him if he's cranking up for a full on roar. If I remember rightly, my maternal gramps liked this song and everytime I hear it I'm reminded of him. The kid has good taste in music!

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