'The golden rule...

by tosca on Thursday, August 5, 2010

...is that there are no golden rules.'
- George Bernard Shaw

I'm going to break my posting rules and turn this one into a two-fer mostly because I was too lazy after quiz night last night to get my shit together and post then. As a result, this is a combination of Wednesday's odball/funny book cover/title and Thursday's clip of the week (only with 3 clips instead of 1 - maths was never my forte).

1. I haven't come across any oddball or funny (haha or weird) book titles/covers but did see one that a colleague amended and then blogged in her summation post for her web 2.0 tutorial. Totally had me in stitches! I have a slight fangirl crush (yeah, ok, so it's not slight - byte me) on John Barrowman's character Captain Jack from the Torchwood series and most of our library staff know that. I was browsing through staff blogs and came across the fabulous pic below with the following comment underneath that I liked so much I had to blog it:

And now, to finish - this is for Tosca and Courtie, found while I was shelving today. I *might* have edited the male character’s face just a little, but his name is Captain Jack Harcourt! SO CLOSE!

2. Natalie told me to look up a clip on YouTube called 'Star Wars Subway Car' which is, well, just as the title suggests, Star Wars on a umm subway car. Seriously - and it's funny! I love the part where Princess Leia is reading 'Galactic Rebellion for Dummies.' Check out the reaction of the gentleman seated beside her ;)

3. Frida Cascade left a comment on our work Top 5 Goodies blog (on my 'Top 5 items I requested and took home but couldn't remember why I wanted to read/watch them when I got there so brought them back' list) with a link to a 'Sweded' video. And omg it's as bad as the Sweded videos on 'Be kind, rewind' LOL Maybe even worse and I didn't think that was possible. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or clap my hands over my eyes and ears LOL And I'm pretty damn sure I don't want to know what the hell was in that water to make it so brown. Ugh. And thank you, Frida, for the giggle ;)

4. This clip is courtesy of Megan who very kindly let me know about it the last time I was at Manurewa Library making a nuisance of myself...which is quite a bit as they'll tell you. What's the big deal? Over 200 dancers performing to "Do Re Mi" - yes as in Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, in the Central Station of Antwerp. It was a promotional stunt for a tv programme to find a new Maria. Kinda cute.

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