'That silhouette creates an image and a night I won't forget...

by tosca on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...it has a scent of something special
I can't rest
If I resist temptation
Oh, I know for sure that I will lose the best'

~ Caro Emerald's song A night like this from the album Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor

In which Tosca takes a break from Cranky McRanty Pants library posts and, instead, mellows out a little and shares a music clip. C'est tout. (Yes, I realise that the post quote is longer than the intro).

Last year sometime I came across a YouTube clip of Pixie Lott's song Mama do and got caught up clicking on other suggested/recommended/similar videos and came across Caro Emerald's version of the same track. I liked her voice...and never thought anything else about her. Then, last week, my sibling introduced me to her full album (Caro Emerald that is, not Pixie Lot) and I fell in love with her voice, her curves, her hats and her clothes. In that order. She's on repeat on my iPod at the moment. I've spent a fair bit of time looking up more of her clips on YouTube but the one I've chosen below is probably my fav track of hers - A night like this - although the video isn't that great. I think it should focus more on her and less on skinny models but hey, that's my personal opinion.

If you like her, try her album (we only have one copy at our libraries so cue sad face) Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor. If you're a YouTube fiend like my nephews and, sometimes, me, try:
  • Back it up (official video)
  • Stuck (official video - love the hats and colours)
  • Mama do (cover of Pixie Lott's song)
  • I'm yours (with Der Rudy, cover of Jason M'Raz's song)

  • If you like the recommendation, you're welcome. And if you don't, well, you're still welcome. Although I question your taste, and then wonder 1) why I still know you and 2) why you read this :)

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