'If you ever plan to motor west...

by tosca on Monday, August 22, 2011

...Travel my way, take the highway that is best
Get your kicks on route sixty-six'
~ 'Route 66' by Nat King Cole (written by Bobby Troup)

In which Tosca writes a somewhat long and rambling post with no point whatsoever except to state what she's reading (which is also related to her 2013 international trip). C'est tout. The clip is, of course, Nat King Cole's version of 'Route 66.'

Books! That's what I'm reading. Lots of books. This week I'm heads down in nonfiction books about Route 66. I'd always wanted to travel, right from when I was about 8 years old. For some reason, I never really did, though, other than little trips around New Zealand by myself. I would squirrel money away and save for a perpetual 'rainy day.' That never came. Finally, I got to 31 years of age (5 years ago) and realised that I'd never traveled because I'd been waiting. For what, or whom, I'm not sure. Then, at 32, I decided it was do or die, and booked myself a return trip to New Orleans, a place I'd wanted to visit since the first time I could remember hearing Louis Armstrong. Very possibly I'd heard him before and not realised it (I was 8, it was 1983, cut me some slack), but for some reason the infinite pleasure his music bought me and, later, New Orleans jazz in particular (especially brass bands), didn't really mean anything to me until 1983. My trip, in '09, was everything and more I could want it to be, so much so, in fact, that I'm booked to go back in Feb 2012. This time with a sibling. 1983 was also the first time I heard - and felt an affinity for - Nat King Cole's version of 'Route 66' and, much like Louis Armstrong, I decided then and there that one day I would drive it. Something I plan to do for my 2013 international trip. The road, or the idea of it at least, has always spelled freedom to me. Which brings me to my 'Monday: On the shelf books: covers & titles' post which is, basically, me going crazy with research - the good, the bad and the ugly of Route 66. I requested everything even remotely Route 66-related we have in our libraries and am going through each book to get an idea of the history of the road, why it was so important, and the state of things now. Yeah sure, my trip is two years away, but I doubt my excitement will abate a whit before then.

What I'm reading:
  • Route 66 : marathon tour Chicago to L.A [DVD videorecording]
  • 501 must-take journeys / project editor Emma Beare
  • Roadside attractions : cool cafes, souvenir stands, Route 66 relics, and other road trip fun / Brian and Sarah Butko
  • Traveling Route 66 / Nick Freeth ; consulting editor, Paul Taylor
  • Route 66 adventure handbook / Drew Knowles
  • Around the world in knitted socks : 26 inspired designs / Stephanie van der Linden
  • Big Earth : 101 amazing adventures / Russ Malkin
  • The complete Route 66 lost & found / Russell A. Olsen
  • Route 66, lost and found : ruins and relics revisited / Russ Olsen. Vol. 2
  • Route 66 traveler's guide and roadside companion / Tom Snyder
  • Route 66 : the mother road / Michael Wallis
  • Legendary Route 66 : a journey through time along America's mother road / Michael Karl Witzel & Gyvel Young-Witzel

  • Once I've finished the last 3 or 4 of these (which I anticipate doing by the end of the week) they'll be included in a work top 5 post.

    Yeah, this post really won't be of any interest to anybody except me :)

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