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by tosca on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Twitter 03-08-2010: watching Wolverine and likin' it ;)Mr 6's lunch done. playlunch ready (1 apple, 1 banana,...
other people's Facebook friends are always somewhat of a revelation. well, sometimes. other times they're just about what you'd expect #fb
RT @WendyWings: Good morning Tuesday, no parties, excitement or events today, hurray for a quiet day at home eating grapes ;)
@WendyWings sounds like an ideal way to start the morning
@GreerMcDonald ditto! you start the movement and I'll follow...
@Wossy I have. Wedding cake!
wrestling with dratted Facebook and trying to add photos. it won't let me. pfft
idea: branches submit photos of staff working around the libraries for our Facebook page. might make staff less remote...? and might not O_o
bottled ghosts. seriously? people. really?
@MagLib good point! oh hah that would definitely be stated
I don't like Good Morning. watching it now. just remembered. ugh. ok off to work for a meeting & then home again. annual leave rocks #fb
Took to my biological clock with hammer (figuratively speaking) yet the sight of 11 daycare chn on bus made me go, 'AWWW.' Warm fuzzies #fb
my warm fuzzies AWW moment was killed by Mr 6 walking home from school. 10 mins from home and he loudly yells, 'I need to pee!' #fb
E matakitaki ana ahau I te Te Karere. E korero ana a Ururoa Flavell e pa ana ki nga take putea mo te - mo te aha? I missed the first bit grr
mahi patu tohora - whaling oohh
one too many 'te' doh
whakatuwhera I te kuaha umanga - nice! never heard it put like that before ;) #fb
@WendyWings has you changed your pic? when? i like! please dont tell me its been there for ages and i'm so not observant O_o
@WendyWings looks good!
@WendyWings argh! you dressed up for the Oscars! that's fantastic 8D
I think i'm getting old. had a 'nap' earlier. now i think i'll be awake for ages. doh. #fb
isn't it funny how some ppl improve by remote?
updating work Facebook page before finding something - anything - else to do to kill time
I guess Logan was here earlier today. His hotmail is still signed in. Doh. Lucky I'm not the type to read his emails - ooh err #fb
@WendyWings g'nite, Mary Ellen :-)
i am convinced that ppl i didn't like so much at 21 have definitely improved 13 yrs later. or else i have. geez. sobering.

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Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

by What was done on March 10, 2010 at 8:28 AM. #

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