Readers' advisory happens purely by accident...when we're not looking

by tosca on Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paul often makes provocative statements to challenge our staff and to encourage healthy debate - and then sit back and fan the flames. Yesterday he outdid himself. He said something that got right up my left nostril - and then he laughed. EVIL MAN. And it wasn't even his own comment LOL He said that readers' advisory only happens when we're out and about in the collections (maybe shelving or when wandering aimlessly around the aisles, I dunno) and when staff talk amongst themselves. Is he out of his ever lovin' mind? Yes. He is. But that's incidental to his statement heh.

And my response was, 'Bollocks!' If those are the only places we, as professionals, are gettin' a little readers' advisory lovin' then we're doin' it oh so wrong, and have been for ages. I'm desperately hoping that's not the case. I am always talking books - with customers, in my newsletters, in emails, in GoodReads, with friends - all 2 of them (I tell myself it's quality not quantity), with family, at the bank, on the bus, on the train, on the plane - I do not like them, Sam I get the idea.

I moved from a tertiary library to public libraries because I wanted to live and breathe readers' advisory. I realised that I do more of that these days in GoodReads with virtual strangers than I do with actual customers. I miss it. Which is prob why I make every opportunity an RA opportunity. OMG that is such a cheerleader moment *cue tear* Meh. Nevermind 'Bring back Buck!' I say 'Bring back books!'

And that's what I learnt at school today, Mum. Pfft. And now I'm sending this link to Paul LOL

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My heart leaps whenever I get that rare chance to do readers advisory! When someone actually asks for recommendations... especially from my specialist topic. *Sigh* all too rarely for my liking.

by Annie on November 14, 2009 at 10:56 AM. #

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