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by tosca on Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, then tonight is your answer.' (President Obama's victory speech, filmed in Grant Park, which you can view here). Whether or not you're a fan of politics, American or otherwise, it is a truly momentous occasion. And yes, I'm unashamedly biased. It is a new era. (Image taken from

I'm trying to do 1 post a week now that I've completed my last assignment for this year (2 papers to go though and then I have the level 5 diploma, although I do miss having a social life - I vaguely remember what it looked like!). Now, if I remember rightly, my last post involved looking at Google Reader which was one of the items infodoodads listed as 'Google Suite'. Umm I feel like crap because I didn't use it much - and I hate admitting that because I use Google Docs and Google Groups and Gmail and I like them. I think it's prob because I'm already a fan of Bloglines and hate change for the sake of change and, to be fair, prob didn't give it quite the go I should have. So it's ME not Google Reader. (Image taken from Google Reader).

I think I also covered book-related sites/blogs in that last one, as well. Which means we're up to - kaka, that doesn't make sense, eh. Ok let's switch it a bit, here's the deal for format:

  • NZ public libraries and the web 2.0 tools they may/may not be using
  • anything of interest
  • infodoodads Top 13 list (and when I run out of those I'll simply find some other list)
  • book-related sites or blogs of interest (or even just what I'm reading atm)
  • learning 2.1 tutorial (until I finish the list)

Hi de hi! Ho de ho. Ok, so I'm up to the next learning 2.1 exercise which is Thing 27 : Photobucket. I am to err create an account, search for images/videos to do with a fav book or books and save at least 2 or 3 into an album or sub-album, use the 'Find stuff' to browse, be sure to click the 'My album' tab and blog about the experience. But just before I do that I'm going to do a quick catch-up on post-win Obama news AND watch my sisters supervise their pyromaniac offspring in safetly shooting rockets. The mind boggles! Back in a few... (Image taken from the Thing 27 activity page for Learning 2.1: Explore ... Discover ... Play)

Eek, just now one of my sisters (who shall remain nameless yet forever infamous in our family stories) accidentally put a rocket in upside down and lit it...only to have it fall over and shoot the youngest sister (I have 6 sisters altogether) in the butt heh. Even funnier was that the youngest one happened to be filming it at the time so you see these lovely sparks shooting up and then sideways, then you hear a whole lot of swearing, and then suddenly the picture starts to jerk as she hotfoots it for safety. Incredibly dangerous - and awfully hilarious! Siblings provide me with endless amusement, even though my mother constantly assures me that's NOT their function. Hmmph. Really, some people are so touchy :-) (Image taken from

At the time of my posting (approx 9pm) there are roughly 6,318,685,209 images (and still climbing) currently on Photobucket. Whoa! So, Photobucket - very easy process to join, once again 'catatonichataholic' came into play. A harder part is trying to think of something I've read recently that wasn't course readings related. Uhh crap, am going to hafta look up My Info D'OH. Ok, 'The great deluge : Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast' by Douglas Brinkley is what I've chosen, so I've used the keywords 'hurricane katrina' to search by. I found a couple of amazing images and videos that go some way toward capturing the human emotion and widespread turmoil of the time, and you can view them in my 'katrina' album. I then clicked on 'Find Stuff' and went for the category 'Comedy & Fun' and selected a funny - which you can check out here. I think (assuming I've done it right, geez). Err I didn't enjoy searching by 'Find Stuff' at all - it seemed a tad bit random. I know - that's not a bad thing but it could be the lateness of the hour but random so does not appeal to me at 11pm at night. Other than my grumpiness it's actually a very easy-to-use site and, maybe tomorrow, I'll enjoy the experience a lot more! (Image taken from my Photobucket account).

My overall opinion is not worth the toilet paper it's written on (or whatever the cyber equivalent is heh) BUT I like it, what I've seen/used. It's different from Flickr - not better or worse, just different. I do remember a colleague telling me that he had a Photobucket account and a lot of his images, which he got from other Photobucket users, were removed from his account - copyright reasons, I think? Which I find slightly funny because I read somewhere that whatever images are in Photobucket are fair game for any and all users to access as long as it's not for commercial purposes. It kinda soured him on the idea of it, understandbly so, and that made me a bit wary about this exercise.

Cripes, one of these days I'm going to write a small-ish post. YEAH RIGHT ;0)

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