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by tosca on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, was toolin' around online in my bloglines account (as I am wont to do) and came across an interesting article at the Herald's online site. Why is the article interesting? Because it's Omar bin Laden. Who's he when he's at home? He's one of Osama bin Laden's 19 children. Why's he so gosh darned captivating? His pacifist views have landed him in a spot of bother in the Middle East and so he, and his wife Zaina Alsabah bin Laden (born Jane Felix-Browne in London), are hoping to seek political asylum in New Zealand. Why? Because, 'It's an amazing country with an amazing history. I believe they have a strong human rights stance and humanitarian stance.' So do I, although I wonder if Omar's paternal link would make people rethink that viewpoint. Read the article for yourself, and then check out the 'Your Views' link to the left of the story. The question is 'Would you be happy if Omar bin Laden tried to move to NZ?' and then readers are invited to Send Your Views (feel free to do this if you are so moved). I didn't have a view to send, probably because I'm not quite sure where I stand on the issue (I'm confused - yes I think he should come but I'm not forgetting his father, but neither should I hold that against him but I'm not forgetting his father, he should have the same chance as anyone for a fresh start but I'm not forgetting his get the idea). I took one look at his dreadlocks and thought, 'Nah, come on over, she'll be right,' which is probably why I'll never make a good diplomat or politician. If you have a view feel free to post it as a comment - but keep it clean, please and thank you. (Image taken from NZ Herald's site).

Was merrily working towards completing my next NextReads Romance newsletter for December 2008 (check out our previous Newsletter issues here) and decided to hunt around for a few links of interest. Who'm I kidding? I got distracted - I always do! And I found the 'Romancing the Blog' blog. In particular, it was Kelly Watson's post 'Fighting the good fight' in which she warns readers she's going to be a little Ranty McRant. Seriously, if that's how she rants she can write my blog posts any time heh =) Kelly had read Wendy Crutcher's post last week and some comments struck home: the less than stellar service some readers receive from their public libraries. It was a damn good article and I encourage all of my readers (all 3 of you, one of whom is my mother, hi mum) to READ IT. And it's certainly made me think about how I'm putting together this newsletter from here on out (the December one will be SPECTACULAR I shit you not), and I'll be watching for how our staff in Manukau Libraries treat their romance readers. I'd have thought we were beyond the pointed looks and snobbery stage but apparently not - it's alive and thriving. A comment a colleague made last week reinforces this idea in my head: libraries do NOT belong to librarians. They belong to the community. Yay, Jody! Oh, before I forget, Romancing the Blog will be one of the links for the December newsletter ;0) (Image taken from Romancing the Blog).

So, if Kelly Watson's article gave me food for thought, then Wendy Crutcher's post from her blog 'The Misadventures Of...Super Librarian' had me in stitches! And boy did it ring some bells. The article I'm very badly blathering on about is 'Welcome To The Real World', in which Wendy lay the smack-downeth on the '...discussion on how public libraries are bowing down to the lowest common denominator by offering up entertainment drivel to people who are too cheap to join Netflix, how we're determined to expose porn to the masses, and how we're responsible for the dumbing down of a generation because we offer video gaming programs in libraries. Public libraries should be all about education! And great literature! And intellectually building up the masses of humanity!' Part of what has Wendy's panties in a bunch (hey, that's HER comment, not mine! and if you don't believe methen READ HER POST please) is that the debate is always '...started by 1) Librarians who should have retired 20 years ago 2) Librarians who have been locked in some academic ivory tower for the last 20 years and wouldn't know how a public library works today if it bit them in the ass or 3) all of the above.' Heh them's fighting words, and I agree with every word. I will be emailing the link for Superlibrarian's blog out to all of my colleagues because it is a) funny shit and b) very goddamned relevant! (Image taken from The Misadventures Of...Super librarian)

From Kelly's post to Wendy's...and from there to Caramel Lunacy's 'A Hoyden's Look At Literature : A Swashbuckling Romantic's reviews of the literary, not-so-literary, the great fun, and the truly awful' blog. It was the profile pic that caught my eye - and had me falling off my chair laughing, and so curiosity had me heading on over the associated blog ;0) There is always (some form of) method to my madness! I won't post the pic, instead I'll insist you go check it out for yerself heh. So, since reading the above 3 blogs I think I have a better handle on how I edit my December Romance newsletter. So keep one eye open...

What am I reading? Glad you asked! In the 2 weeks since I handed in my last assignment for the year I have read (in no particular order): Nicholas Sparks 'The lucky one', Julie Hearn 'Ivy', Julia Reed 'The house on First Street', Peter leitch with Phil Gifford 'What a ride, mate! : the life and times of the Mad Butcher', Jennifer Ashley 'Immortals : the redeeming', Richard Attenborough 'Entirely up to you, darling', Jim Butcher 'Storm front', Douglas Brinkley 'The great deluge : Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast', Patricia Briggs 'Moon called', Alyssa Day 'Atlantis rising : the warriors of Poseidon', Jack Canfield 'You've got to read this book! : 55 people tell the story of the book that changed their life', Jade lee 'Dragonborn', Jim Butcher 'Fool moon', Anne Rice 'Christ the lord : out of Egypt : a novel', Michelle Sagara 'Cast in courtlight', Sarah Vowell 'The partly cloudy patriot', Imaculee Ilibagiza with Steve Erwin by 'left to tell : discovering God amidst the Rwandan holocaust' and Michelle Sagara 'Cast in secret'. School is out with a vengeance. That's the good news - now for the bad news. I have 24 books waiting to be picked up at the library. Eep. (Image taken from callumscott2's Flickr photostream).

Speaking of Fickr photostreams, we're currently holding a photo competition for youth called All Eyes on Manukau. The point of the competition? We want to see what Manukau looks like through their eyes, so this is their chance to challenge stereotypes and provoke comment! We have a few samples up on our Flickr photostream, and 4 entries from Sarah (our very first entrant) that you can view here.

Ok, so this was my 'anything interesting' post (remember, it's interesting to me, if you want interesting for you write yer own post). Next up is an item off the infodoodads Top 13 list. See ya when I see ya =)


Are you counting me as one of ur readers? thanks for finding all the coolio links for me.....and i'm NOT ASHAMED to admit I'm totally loving romance novels at this point in my life...bring them baby

by Kelly Moo on January 4, 2009 at 8:54 PM. #

That makes three readers - you, my mum (shame!) and themadnessofhamsters =) Oh no, that makes four - the fourth is a friend/neighbour *waves* hi Shaz heh ;-) Wait, do friend/neighbours count?!? I sure as heck hope so.

by catatonia on January 7, 2009 at 4:08 PM. #

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