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by tosca on Monday, August 18, 2008

Gidday! So, carrying on the from the last post, I'm looking at public libraries throughout NZ and seeing if/how they've implemented web 2.0 tools. Last post looked at Auckland City Libraries and Christchurch City Libraries (they're my favs). From now on I'll be looking at other libraries alphabetically. So I don't stray from the point (as I am wont to do) I'll look at whether the sites contain: blog/s, RSS feeds, wiki, tagging/social bookmarking, social networking, video, podcasts/vodcasts, ebooks.

Dunedin Public Libraries - must admit have never looked at their site before. Not even when I spent a week or so there a few years back (think I was working at ACE then). One thing they do have that I like is a 'Featured e-resource' spot. Not sure how often it changes but this one is Books & Authors, a Gale database that 'offers new ways to explore the endless possiblities and combinations of books, authors, genres and topics.' They do have a blog which I spent some time reading through. They also offer their newsletters online and have a number of booklists for new titles (books, dvd, cds etc.). Users can also send in Music or Book reviews by filling out this online form.

Hamilton City Libraries - am kinda impressed by their Customer Charter. They do have RSS feeds - so all of the latest Hamilton Libraries info comes straight to your browser, reader or email. Contains very clear instructions for how to subscribe using either of those options, explains what RSS is and offers four possible feeds. Oooh they're on Facebook AND they have a book chat blog! In fact they have 3 blogs: Teen Reviews, Book Chat Blog & Kids Blog. The Book Chat Blog tends to be more adult oriented fiction, and each review contains a 'Reserve a copy' link that takes it right back to the catalogue. The teens/kids reviews don't really do this I noticed. They have a 'What's Hot' section with pictures of titles and an electroniz magazines section. Nice one, Stu!

ACK! Am looking at purchasing a laptop and am havering between the Mac/PC dilemma. Have been reading a variety of articles and message boards about the debate (which is better etc.) and spent a lot of time laughing myself stupid (not hard, I know) over the 'Get a Mac' ads with Justin Long - and am leaning more towards a Mac. Heck, he alone makes me want to get one. Still thinking (still hurts to do that).

Currently reading 'Blogging heroes: interviews with 30 of the world's top bloggers' by Michael A. Banks, and you can view/request that in our catalogue here. Am also skipping my way through 'Podcasting and blogging with GarageBand and iWeb' by Robin Williams and John Tollett. You can also view/request that title from our catalogue.

Have discovered that there is life after Learning 2.0 - there is, in fact, Learning 2.1! This list tells you the ways in which you can extend what you've learnt a bit further, and was set up by the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (or PLCMC). If you remember, it was Helene Blowers from PLCMC who set up the original Learning 2.0 programme. Once I've gone through NZ public libraries who're using web 2.0 tools I plan to work my way through Learning 2.1 as well. Just 'cause I can, and because I'm nosey :)

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Hi, Just had a look at your posts for August, good on ya for keeping up your Library 2.0 blog.
I've not long finished the course myself and continue with the Blog ( but your posts are way more informative than mine!
I'm a kiwi working at the state library in sydney- will try and keep an eye on your blog for NZ library 2.0 related stuff. Cheers,Greg.

by cultureshot66 on August 18, 2008 at 9:52 PM. #

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