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by tosca on Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have a confession to make. Well, a few of them, actually. Nothing too obscene - after all, this IS a work related blog, right? Right. All of my confessions are book related.

Confession #1: I read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. NO! That's not quite correct. I DEVOUR Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. Vampires, demons, gods, wereanimals, the quintessential battle between good and evil - hey, I'm a sucker for that kinda thing.

But not just do I read her work, I have greatly enjoyed all of the promotional effort that has gone into the release of her newest (and BIGGEST) Dark-Hunter book yet, 'Acheron'. Since having signed up for email alerts I have received notification of: the book trailer (yes, a video trailer for a BOOK - that leads to my next confession), the Dark-Hunter Facebook quiz, an excerpt AND, last but most definitely not least, a 4 minute interview with 'Ash' (I kid you not, there is an interview with a fictional character - how DELICIOUS, and according to Confession #3 I have the right to mistake a book for real life, so there). And I, like the sucker that I am, have not just watched/read whatever was sent out - I ENJOYED IT ALL.

I have seen the library's newly received copies coming across the circulation counter this morning and have salivated with envy. I have not opted to merely request this title. And I have not succumbed to impatience and purchased an e-book copy. Oh no. Not this time - I have pre-ordered a copy from Fishpond which will arrive in the next day or two. But I did do something I probably shouldn't have done but do all the time (which will lead to confession number three) and as soon as my copy arrives I will start at the beginning . . .

Confession #2: I watch book trailers. Admittedly with mixed emotions, but I still watch them. And sometimes, I even enjoy them! Book trailers, believe it or not, have been around a little while now. According to Wikipedia a book trailer is a video advertisement for a book - much like a movie trailer. A lot of them you can find online and some even screen on tv (not here, in the States). The term itself 'Book Trailer' has since been trademarked and is owned by Sheila Clover of Circle Seven Productions.

The first Book Trailer to be launched publicly was in 2003 for a book convention in Shreveport. The trailer was for 'Dark Symphony' by Christine Feehan - which was how I came to learn about them. I have read her books on and off for a few years now and in 2005 I saw one of her trailers. It was my very first time, and last time, for quite some time. It was a mixed experience and I winced the whole way through it. It was great - the quality, the sound, the way it was put together - but I wasn't totally sure what I thought of the idea. Totally selfish reasons: I could not divorce MY idea of the characters from that of the author - which is daft, right? 'Cause if anyone should know what the characters are like it would be the author! I have since gotten over myself (yes, how shocking) and watch them quite often these days. If you are even slightly curious you can try some here.

Confession #3: I read the ends of books before starting at the beginning. In fact, I have done this most of my life. From 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' at 6, to Robert Ludlum's 'The Parsifal Mosaic' at 10, to Judy Blume's 'Forever' at 11, to Louis L'Amour's 'Sackett's land' at 12, to Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina' at 16, to Dostoyevsky's 'The idiot' at 20, to Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' at 23 . . . right through to today. I sometimes have this twinge of conscience, but it never lasts for long. According to Daniel Pennac I have the right to skip. In fact, as a reader I have many rights, and I would not have found out this little gem if not for my fourth confession. Pennac's book 'The Rights of the Reader' is illustrated in Quentin Blake's inimitable style and is a reminder to us all of our right to read anything, anywhere, at any time - as long as we are enjoying ourselves. I am employing Pennac's fourth right as a reader - the right to read it again - and enjoying his book once more. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Pennac, I feel a little better for skipping to the end . . .

Confession #4: I read Christchurch City Libraries' blog. And I enjoy it (does that make two confessions in one??). I came across it quite by accident. That isn't to say it was hard to find, just that I wasn't purposely looking for it. Don't the nicest surprises always come that way? I have long been an admirer of Christchurch City Libraries' website and take every opportunity to peruse at leisure. I am fair green with envy - and it was in the middle of an envious jag that I came across their blog post entitled 'Confessions of a wannabe Children's Librarian' who has never read Harry Potter! katiegrady then proceeds to list each of Daniel Pennac's 'Rights of the Reader' (there are 10 in total) with a confession of her own for each. Surprisingly good stuff - and I know exactly what she means by each of her own examples.

I, however, will not list a confession for each of Pennac's rights. Instead, I will stick with my four - it was a push to count that high. Ok, I'm lying, I have more but I ain't listeing 'em. Today. Although I will admit that I did not enjoy Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' and quite happily exercised Pennac's 3rd right - the right NOT to finish a book. If you take the time to request/read his book 'The Rights of the Reader', which you can search for here or request here in our catalogue, feel free to stop back and tell me which right you've exercised most recently .

As an aside, I did finally decide on my trip dilemma. I will extend my New Orleans Mardi Gras trip by a few days extra to visit Memphis and then Nashville. See you same bat time, same bat channel!

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This is a totally FUN blog!! I love reading your confessions! LOL
I read Kenyon and Feehan, and I confess to having a TBR pile that is now taller than I am!!! LOL

Thanks for the smile!

Sheila Clover English

by COS Productions on August 29, 2008 at 5:01 PM. #

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