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by tosca on Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have been very slack of late with updating my blog. Work Well, it feels like work which means I'm having to find things in it that I can look forward to. I've always been of the opinion that when you no longer enjoy it, perhaps it's time to move on and I'm not ready to move. Yet. I'm in need of humour this month more than ever so I've got a two-in-one post: funny romance book titles and a totally camp clip featuring the ever funny (and dashedly good looking) John Barrowman. I HEART HIM MUCH.

I'm a sucker for romance titles that tickle my funnybone and will request any and all manner of books that make me giggle. This list below is nothing more than a few that caught my eye on our new (and combined) book lists for this month (and that I have since requested):
* Daddy devastating by Delores Fossen
* Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent by Jacqueline Baird
* Covert agent's virgin affair by Linda Conrad
* Mistletoe and the lost stiletto by Liz Fielding
* The Italian's blushing gardener by Christina Hollis
* Forbidden or for bedding? by Julia James
* Medusa's sheik by Cindy Dees
* Savior in the saddle by Delores Fossen

Unintentionally funny book title that is actually 3-in-1 and somebody forgot to put in punctuation:
* Marrying Captain Jack Bought for the harem Secret heiress

Video clip of the week - totally camp humour starring John Barrowman from the show Al Murray's Personality Disorder that had me in stitches. Not for children O.O

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