In the sweet by and by...

by tosca on Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grief is such a deeply personal process. I will say no more about my own feelings.

Although not religious Tracy was deeply spiritual. A more positive person I would be hard pressed to find. I like to think that Tracy would have enjoyed this song - I never met a person who had such a huge appreciation of music. Most especially opera, modern musicals, the 80s and country. She would have gotten a hoot out of a country icon such as Dolly singing with Irish group Altan in this very Celtic sounding version of what is an old country gospel classic.

I remember my liking for the Ten Tenors began with Tracy. She had spare tickets and asked me if I was interested in attending. I remember making the rather rude comment, 'Ten Tenors? One is bad enough but ten is just overkill!' I went. And I had a great time LOL I have been a fan of their music and style ever since. I do wonder...knowing Tracy's love of opera, and my being named for one, would she have approached me if my name were Mary...? LOL A small common point of interest that culminated in a very, very good friend.

She lived, and loved, with great passion and great heart ;-)

Moe mai ra i raro i te korowai aroha o te Atua.

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by catatonia on March 29, 2009 at 7:54 PM. #

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